Q: Check engine light is on, and saying the same thing no matter what is replaced. on 2002 Honda Civic

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Hey guys,
Ive had this problem for a while, but my check engine light keeps turning itself on and off, and when it is on, it keeps saying cylinder 1 misfire.
We already replaced the coil-on-plug, the spark plugs, the headgasket, the timing belt, and the water pump, and the intake manifold gasket. When we replaced the head gasket, we had the head machined.
We also adjusted the valves.
Her mileage is fine.
Just within the past couple of days, she has hesitated more than normal before starting, and her idle seems rougher than normal now.

***ALSO, her radiator fans stopped working, and so did my AC, all in one day. They stopped working about a few weeks ago. We hard wired the radiator fans to a button inside the car so that I could turn them on manually.
The AC unit still is not working though, and we had recharged it a couple of weeks before it broke. ****

Does anyone have any ideas? We are lost... ANY advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance....
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