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Q: Check engine light is on and download shows a nonspecific engine misfire on 2003 Ford Escape

Problem started a year ago with an intermittent check engine light. Rough idle after being run for a while and then restarted, also lacks power at times.
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Please report this issue to ford! I am having the same problem as are many others, but not enough people are reporting it to ford. Save all reciepts with your info and vehicle info so that when it is deemed a recall you will be reimbursed. I AM SEEING TONS OF THIS SAME PROBLEM! I am surprised it isnt up for a recall yet, the ford rep explained that if people arent calling ford to report it, then they cant address the issue! The # to call is 1800 392-3673
A year ago?? that's a long time for a problem with a misfire. you may have damaged the cat from driving with this issue.
i would start with plugs and all coils as they are a common problem with the 3 liter escapes.
did you ever have a real diag over a free code pull that's tells you nothing specific??

The problem with intermittent for a long time and replacing the gas cap helped for a while. Have not had a specific code download. A tech at oil changers downloaded the "engine misfire" today. The check engine light does not flash and have had oxygen sensors replaced in the past and thought this was the problem until the download today. Will make an appointment to have it checked out.
I had a similar problem with mine. I was getting a P0316 code with no specific cylinder misfire. I pulled the COPS (coil over plug) and found water had gotten down in the spark plug wells. 4 of the 6 plugs either had water or signs of water staining down in there. I dried all the wells out, changed the plugs and used dielectric grease to seal the COP boots to the plug and to the top of the well. It went from barely running to having a slightly noticable miss. I also was able to get the check engine light to reset. I was going to start replacing the COPS to clear up the slight miss so I unplugged them one at a time to try to isolate it. I dont know if it was a bad connection or what but after checking them the slight miss stopped and it has run fine since (4 months). I am no mechanic but I have a medium ability and watched an excellent youtube video on removing the 3.0 upper intake manifold to access the rear plugs. A few other considerations are to replace the upper intake gasket set while it is off. Its like 6 orings that press into a groove, they were cheap and the old ones looked oily. If the misfire is bad enough like mine, you may get a flashing check engine light. I read that this indicates a misfire serious enough to warrant immediate service. Basically raw gas is dumping into the exhaust and fouling the egr and the catalytic converters. The insides of the converter will melt leading to a plugged exhaust. I am sure a real mechanic can correct any mistakes I made here but I tend to overresearch things and this is what I figured out regarding the general misfire code.
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