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Q: check engine light is flashing and my car is sputtering and ticking on 1999 Buick Century

my car used to tick a little now two days ago it started sputtering and ticking real loud the service engine light is flashing now,i changed the spark plugs and wires and coil and its still doing the same thing,what else could be wrong?,and do i need to get a new car?
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I cannot say if you need to get a new car or not. What I can say is that you need to get your 1999 Buick Century properly diagnosed instead of just replacing parts. Chances are the flashing check engine light is caused my an engine misfire. A good scan tool will gather information form the engine computer and suggest to the technician which cylinder(s) are misfiring. The technician that then isolate the cause of the problem at which time you can make the decision to repair or replace your car. Please use the following link to find a shop near you -
Ok i had the mechanic run tests on my 1999 buick century and it showed my number six spark plug was misfiring so i went and bought another coil to replace the old one and my car is still sputtering will only crank and then cut off.The pistons is fine no water any where im really at a lost for whats going on thinking its the ignition module or the air filter.Could it be something else besides that? PLEASE HELP!!!
the reason he said to change oil is :if you have enough misfires and gas does not fire in that cylinder it or fumes ends up in your oil pan .his creates misfires and other problems.a flashing light indicates that you have either a lean or rich mixture going through your catalytic converter. eventually this will destroyit.get somebody reputable and with the right scanner to check it out
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