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Check Engine Light Illumines: No Codes Found

(2003 Saturn Vue)
in Albany, NY on April 12, 2010
I have a 2003 Saturn Vue(4 cyl./5 speed), and I am due for an ispection. The "Service Engine Soon" light is on, and I have taken it to three different places to have the inspection done. Advance Auto attached the hand-held device to the On-Board Computer, and it reads "PASS" with "NO CODES FOUND". I, then< took it to get inspected,and there were 4 "NOT READY" readings, so the technician told me to drive it a bit and bring it back. I did this, and he put the hand-held instrument onto the On-Board Computer again. It read "PASS" with "NO CODES FOUND", so he went on with the rest of the inspection process. When he hooked my car's computer to the computer that connects with NYSDMV, it was unable to connect. Every mechanic at Valvoline was stumped. The computer print-out reads: "OBDII COMMUNICATION FAILURE: Connectors are OK, but still unable to communicate. The NYVIP unit must communicate with your vehicle to test its On Board Diagnostic system for New York State Inspection. We recommend you contact a qualified technician for assistance." Everyone I have contacted seems puzzled as to why my vehicle's computer is not connecting with DMV, and why my "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" light remains on when the hand-held device reads "PASS" with "NO CODES FOUND". Could somebody please assist me as to what the problem could possibly be? I've failed the original inspection, and three re-inspection tests, and no one can seem to identify the problem. The gas cap is screwed on securely, and it appears to ride OK.
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on April 15, 2010
I would suggest you have a shop with a scan tool not just a code reader check the engine control computer on your 2003 Saturn Vue. Unless there is an internal fault with the computer code(s) should be stored whenever the check engine light is on. It may also be a good idea to try communicating with some of the other modules on the vehicle while the scan tool is connected. I don't find any technical bulletins for this issue.
on September 02, 2010
I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan and for years had to deal with a check engine light on.Inspection time was a nightmare--pull the fuse, reset, and then hope it doesn't come on during emission test, Then this past year the fuel filler tube really started leaking and we had to fix it....voila, check engine light is off. Any small leak can cause the check engine light to come on. Prior to noticing an obvious gasoline leak we just smelled gas fumes after fill-ups and thought this normal....
on May 21, 2010
Same problem but don't have a solution. Had my 2003 Vue service engine soon light come on at about 65000mi. Thought it might have to do with the maintenance check list for reaching that mile #. Neighbor(mechanic)got the same reading on his reader device. Have no idea where to go from here. I read somewhere online that it could need an update for the cars computer system and to ask the tech to see if you have all new data downloaded. Hope it helps!
on July 21, 2010
I'm having the same problem w/ my 2005 Vue (2.2 liter, 4 cycl, 5 speed). I have a check engine light and 3 shops have read no codes. Exacerbating this, though, I have a serious air/fuel mixture problem that's making it run ridiculously rough.

Seems to be a vacuum system related problem. When I remove the evap purge solenoid (and leave the vacuum hose wide open) the engine smooths out and runs fine. I put in a brand new solenoid and it went right back to terrible. Kinda at a loss.
on October 29, 2010
I think it is because the repair shop doesn't reset the lamp. When I took it to a Saturn Dealer it never happened. The 1st Time I let a sears or jiffy lube do it it came on. Reading the manual it said the must reset it in the fuse box after any service
on February 09, 2011
I would suggest you pull the relay fuse for the OBDII port and replace it, typcially it's in the fuse box inside the car. My chevy cavalier granted not the same car had that happen to it where no codes or no data link up. The relay isn't very expensive and if you replace it your only out a few bucks. It could be the only relay in the fuse box inside the car, they aren't very well labeled but mine had my obdII port on my cavalier shut off and no codes etc.
on February 28, 2011
Same problem on a 2004 2.2 lit. 4 cyl 5 speed Vue
on May 11, 2011
Im having the same problem with my 2004 Vue. They have cut the light off three times.
on June 01, 2011
Check the gas cap. It's a known problem that Saturn issued a "letter" on some time ago. Replace the gas cap with an original Saturn one - not from AutoZone, etc (tried it). You'll need to know whether the gas funnel area is metal or plastic, but once replaced, it solves the problem.
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