Q: "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" I fail N.Y.S. inspection due to cannot fix this problem. I on 2002 Volkswagen GTI

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replaced every sensor linked to it,did the 300 mile drive test, and still my light is on. ANY ANSWERS? "PLEASE HELP"
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Thankyou for your help, but I had several of my close friends, who own repair shops, tackle this problem several times over the past 2 years. We replaced every sensor & dealt w/ all of the codes that came up. I personally did the drive test many miles after we replaced any part, to reset the computer. Today again, another , very gifted, mechanic tackled this issue. Once again,I drove 250 non-stop miles for the reset...I still have 3 blinking lights showing on the diagnostic reader... I AM AT MY LAST NERVE TRYING TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM...
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it may be in the circuits and not the sensors. the codes only dive you circuit issuses not that the part is bad
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