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Check Engine Light due to sticking intake manifold runner solenoid on Honda CR-V

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A sticking intake manifold runner solenoid can cause the Check Engine light (MIL) to illuminate. Replacing the solenoid will repair the issue.

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Honda CR-V Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 135,544 (58,000–231,420)
5 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, more2007
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Check engine lite came on. Had Autozone check and they told me the IMRC valve was the problem. I had not heard of this part before. Can not be gotten at any of the parts stores, only through Honda. I need to find out how to replace it and what it looks like. I usually do repairs myself, but I do not even know what looks like or where at on the engine it is.
The maintenance required and check engine light came on. Autozone testing showed code 1077 for intake manifold pressure sensor problem. I understand that this is difficult to fix as even replacing $800 solenoid may not solve the issue. Please advise what woudl be a more conclusive way of diagnosing the problem. Thanks!
check engine light. Dealer want $540 to replace IMRC Valve. Found shop quote of $314. Dealer says require update of systems and takes couple of hours.
Intermittent problems starting the car. I would be out running errands, stop at 5 places, and on the 5th time parking, the car would have a weak sound when the key is turned and not start. I would take the key out of the ignition, wipe it off with a tissue, and reinsert it into the ignition. Usually, that does the trick, and the car would start. I brought it into the dealer 3 times for diagnosis. They couldn't find an issue, and the car wasn't displaying any codes on the first two trips. Finally, the engine light came on, I brought it into the dealer, and they found the code for the IMRC (intake manifold rotary valve) malfunctioning. It is supposed to work at around 3.3 ohms, but they had to "juice it" with up to 9 ohms to get it to work. Very expensive to repair because they have to take the manifold apart.... nearly $700.
check engine light would come on but when I had it checked nothing came up the first 3 times it did it. Was also having an electrical problem at the time. Once I had my starter replaced, the light remained on. this time when they checked it, it gave the imrc codes. I haven't fixed it yet. trying to find directions to do it myself.