Q: check engine light comes on and car loses power on 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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When driving my car for an long period of time the CHECK ENGINE light will come on. The car will continue running fine while constant throttle is given. as soon as it sits in idle the RPM's begin to drop and the lights begin to dim until it shuts off. Most of the time the car will start right back up.
Also when starting the car all the electircal goes out i pull the key out and try it again and it will start up.

where should i start looking for a problem?
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you need to have the code pulled to see what system has a failure. thats the first step. autozone and pepboys pull codes for free.
get back to us with the code number so we can help you.

I am going to have them check it today. When the car is turned off for a period of time the check engine light turns back off. I don't know if that helps any until I get to an autozone
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