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Q: Check engine light came on, shows code PO441 on 1997 Dodge Ram 1500

I replaced the pvc valve. Someone said it might be the gas cap. The code comes up PO441-Evaperator Monitor Failure. What is this and what is the cure? I put Seafoam in the vacuum line and some in the gas tank. I can unhook the battery and the light stays off for about a week, then comes back on.
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Customer Concern:
P0441 Evaporative System Purge Flow Monitor Failure.

1. Visually inspect the purge solenoid, and the lines from the canister to the purge solenoid, for charcoal from the charcoal canister. It is common to have blocked lines or charcoal physically in the purge solenoid itself, causing the solenoid to be physically stuck. If charcoal is present, refer to TSB # 14-10-96 Revision A for the procedure and the part numbers needed for this repair.

2. Check the orientation of the Canister Purge Solenoid (CANP). The purge solenoid is marked "TOP" and "BOTTOM". If installed upside down, the result could be "Purge flow monitor failure". Because of the weight of the armature in the purge solenoid, the coil cannot effectively pull it off of it's seat. This will not allow valid purge to happen. Make sure the hoses are intact and hooked up properly.
Tech Tips:
TSB #14-10-96 Revision A.
where and what am i looking for when im looking for the canister solenoid an the lines......what part of the engine is it attached to
Look under your truck at the evap canister theres a hose on the top of it that looks like a C and the rubber connection boots on that hose are bad for cracking
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