Q: check engine light came on after today. The Ac stopped working a week earlier ?? on 2004 Toyota Sienna

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the van has about 96.000 miles on it and it belongs to a friend of mine. she said today the check engine light came on and she cant take to a shop to have I checked because she is home sick but her daughter is using the van and she is worried she will get stuck some place. Do you know where the relay switch is on the van ? how much do thy run? and any idea why the CEL came on and should she worry? She is in NC do you know if there is a trade school she can take it to have it looked at for little or nothing to pay?
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If the check engine light is on for an emissions malfunction, it may not be critical, however if it is transmission related or a possible engine damaging situation, that needs to be checked SOON! Only way to tell is with a scan test. The relay is in the fuse/relay center under the hood. Owners manual will show this and which one it is! Also there will be more info. about that light.
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