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Q: check engine light and a/c on 1996 Toyota Camry

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my '96 camry has over 225K miles on it, and the check engine light has been on for years. it runs fine, but i want to get it off now. the OBDII says it's the EGR valve, but i replaced it and the solenoid, but the light still stays on. any ideas for getting it off?

also, my a/c now only works intermittently. it will come on for just a few minutes, and then the a/c indicator light will begin to flash and it will blow warm air. the compressor was replaced just two years ago, and it was recharged last week and has extra freon. also, the pressure in the cooling system is fine. what else could i try to get the a/c to work?
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the code for egr valve does not mean the valve is bad. the control ciruit and all the components need to be checked to determine the problem.

the ac however, what do you mean extra freon? if you overfill the system, it will turn off the compressor until the pressure reduces. you need exact amount s to make it work correctly.

i had the original valve cleaned first, but when the light still came on, that's when i got it replaced and did the control solenoid too. but i guess i'll still get them to look at the components and check them too. thanks!

as for the a/c, i apologize, the freon level is what it should be. it was low before, but now the pressure and freon level is fine from when i got it recharged. the a/c still doesn't work, though. ideas?
95% chance of it being a faulty O2 sensor. The mid to late 90's Camrys all have this problem.
Good morning!
I just noticed that this is a 2010 question.
I will tell them what my husband and I did, anyway. The check engine light is always on since we bought our 96 Toyota Camry in Sept. 2007. We got tired of replacing it in 2008 and 2009 to pass the inspection. My husband decided to put the new one in October for the inspection and he would put the old one back as soon as we left the place. So the new one (US$100) is used only for 2 hours every October.

Regarding the A/C, my mechanic found out that the problem was the cables being peeled/worn out. He wrapped some black tape and "voilà!". The A/C is working perfectly since July 2014. Those cables did not let the compressor work properly, he said.
I tend to think it could be a low port valve, since when I tried to put in refrigerant it leaked out about 20 minutes later
A/c on 2003 camry blows cold them warm air. A/c works for short spurts. Changed I door cabin air filter, less than $10.00 no tools required . A/C works fine. Goodyear wanted $60.00 to change
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