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Q: Check Engine Light on 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe

If the outside temp drops below 35 degrees our check engine light comes on and our Tahoe will die when idling. No mechanic can figure out what the problem is. We have changed all o2 sensors, mass air flow, spark plugs...any ideas on what might cause this problem?
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What code is stored in the system causing the check engine light to come on? A dirty throttle body can cause a low idle and stalling condition.
It sounds like your engine is running lean when it is very cold outside. Does the engine stall right after you start it or after the engine is warmed up? It could be that the coolant or air temp sensor is reading incorrectly but not out of spec enought to set a fault code. A quick check would be to look a scan tool data before starting the engine when it is 35 degrees or less and see if the temp sensors are reading the correct temperature. When the engine is cold both temp sensors should read ambient air temperature.
I do not remember the exact code is always the same and relates to low fuel in bank one and bank two. After all of the previous fixes the same error still occurs.
MINE does this too! The Chevy garage said it needed new plug wires, so I forked out a fortune to have that done. They also replaced the compressor (it was making a terrible noise). Still NOT fixed. They said it had a leaky hose, and wanted another $600 to fix it! My husband threw a fit, and said there was NO way it needed new plug wires. He gave the chevy garage a piece of his mind, they wouldn't try to fix it, even after they were wrong about what was wrong with it. Winter is coming, the temp went down to 40 yesterday evening, and it started acting up. AND to top it off, my driver side window won't go up anymore, it will go down, but not up!
This drivers side window ordeal--Let me tell you what that cost us. (1) a water pump, (2) throttle body sensors (3) sensor on the accelerator (4) 2 new batteries and believe it or not a new power window module. $3000 in at this point. Now the Tahoe keeps throwing the Service Engine Light and Reduced Power codes, get out of truck pull gas cap off, put gas cap back on and it clears the reduced engine power--the service engine light stays on--by the time you get to the parts store the service engine light has gone off--the tahoe decides when it wants to crank and when it doesn't--YOU WOULD THINK THAT WITH ALL THESE PROBLEMS CHEVROLET would try to resolve them- We have an 86 Silverado that has none of the 2005 problems!!
How many miles on the truck because if you have over 100k you fuel pump may be going out that is the first sign
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