Q: Check engine light on 1997 Honda Accord

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I have jusst recently purchased a 1997 Honda Accord SE. The check engine light was on and I had 3 codes pop up. The are P0171, P0141, and P0740. I have since changed the O2 Sensor eliminating the P0141 code. Would that had been the cause for the other two lights codes to pop up or do I need to replace something else? I do not have access to a code reader any more. Any help that can be offered would be great. Thank you.
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P0171 means "fuel ystem too lean", P0740 means there's malfunction in the Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) circuit. The P0171 is for the O2 sensor heater circuit and could be related to the P0141 code and may have been fixed by replacing the O2 sensor. I don't know how the P0740 would be related but you could have the car scanned for codes again and see what's what. Is the check engine light still on? If it's not, then it's probably fixed.
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