Q: Check Engine Light on 2008 Dodge Charger

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My Check Engine light is on. I turned the ignition switch to start, but didn't crank the engine, the light stayed steady, which, by my manual, means that the car would be good for inspection. I had my oil changed on 6 Jan 11, so think if they hadn't reset it, the light would have come on before then, but am not sure. Is there anything I can do or do I need to bring it in to be serviced?
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Any shop can use a scan tool and tell you why the check engine light is on, And you can locate a shop near you here Your vehicle is fairly new and the part that failed might still be under the Dodge emissions warranty
When I had my Chevy, the light came on when they forgot to reset it during servicing; I was able to reset it myself. I wasn't sure if Dodge had the same thing and I had overlooked it.
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