Q: check engine light on 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

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how do I reset check engine light thx.
(2) Answers
Depending on the year, the proceedure is different. You own a vehical with OBDII. The "Check enginge light" is illuminated to let you know there has been an issue with your vehical detected and it has sparked a code. The proper way is to connect a scanner, find out why it is on, solve that problem, then clear code with the scanner.

IF you have no reguards to the potential problems with the vehical then head down to a parts store or auto shop and ask if they can clear it for you. MOST places will only give you the codes that are read and deny the request to clear the code. Some might, give it a try,

*The light may return shortly after due to the same issue detection*
or you can just unplug the batterie overnight and replug before you leave and if the codes arnt that serious they will go away but they will return so it is best to correct the problem the have the code reader clear it