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Q: check engine light on 2005 Toyota Corolla

My check engine light went on recently and I began to notice that my car would jerk when accelerating from first to second gear. The jerk was less significant going from second to third gear(automatic transmission). I tightened my gas cap and initially fixed the problem, but not long after the light and the jerking returned. How do I check my transmission fluid level? Is it possible that I need to check my engine mount? Do I need to take my car in for a full diagnostics check? Is it possible that I need to check the performance of my gas cap?
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If the check engine light is on, there is a fault code(s) stored that will help in determining what the problem is. These codes will need to be checked and then diagnosed, and you are better off taking it to an experienced repair shop for this type of repair.
I'm having same problem. My guy says it's "Solenoid B" . It needs to be replaced, which requires getting inside the trans....$1100.00. I would like to know if this sounds right.
I am having the same issue with my 2005 Corolla. The check engine light came on, took it to my machanic and they replaced the Selenoid D which was a $250 repair, on the way home the check engine light came back on and the harsh shifing continued. Then took my car to the dealer and they diagnosed it as the ECM module needing to be replaced around $800-$1000 to fix and I hope this corrects the issue. The car is in the repair shop right now as I type this. From researching it, it seems like other issue may also arise from it...I sure hope not...who can afford a car payment and all these repairs???
Easy. Disconnect the positive battery terminal for a minute. Worked for me. You can get the error code diagnosed for free at some auto parts places first - i think Auto zone did mine, but if it says something to do with evac system or exhaust, like mine did, make sure to check that there is not a gas leak. A mouse chewed through a gas filler hose near the back of my car. Lucky I had an honest mechanic!!! Part was not in stock and I had to drive so i ended up getting an old gas hose from a junkyard and putting it in myself laying in a ditch under the car. just took putting on two clamps. and i'm a 60-year old lady with no repair experience! Good luck!
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