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Q: Check Coolant light showing after winterizing and coolant already topped off. on 1993 Ford Escort

Check coolant light has been on for a while. Jiffy Lube said the sensors can be sensitive on my car model. Just had oil change recently, fluids topped off. 2 days ago in the morning my car was chugging and then I filled the gas and it was better. Today my car almost broke down on the parkway - made it to a mechanic, he said the coolant was low so he topped it off and then it rode better for a while. Took it to another mechanic more local since he mentioned the car should be winterized. Just had the antifreeze changed for 50 bucks, now a few hours later the check coolant light is on the dashboard again. So frustrated, any suggestions, please help. Thanks.
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sounds like you have a leak. you better get it checked because these models blow head gaskets and crack cylinder heads very easily from overheating.

Hi Roy - thanks for your reply. I went back to the mechanic who did the winterizing- they said it was the sensor which kind of floats and is not "scientifically made" so it registered low even though the coolant was just a hair off. They topped off the coolant a little more and it seems to be ok now. The car didn't overheat when it started breaking down on the highway - it was on the cool side of normal.

Thanks for your reply - I will be on the lookout if the check coolant light goes on again and get the car checked for any leaks.
Sounds like there is and air pocket by the coolant level sensor. There could also be sludg build up on the sensor not allowing it to read correctly. If this is the case the sesor can be removed and cleaned then reinstalled but the gasket may not seal once removed. Its the chance you take. When the car died out on the parkway was it due to it overheating?
Thanks for your reply. I decided to go back to the mechanic today where they did the winterizing. He said was it was just a "smidgeon" below the sensor and that the sensor kind of floats and is not very "scientifically made" so that it would register low even though the coolant was just a hair off. He topped off the coolant and said it would be okay. In answer to your question about the car almost dying on the parkway - no it was not due to overheating. The engine was on the cool side of normal.

The mechanic at first said what you said - that maybe it was an air pocket, then when they checked it was the sensor. Thanks again for your reply.
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