Q: check abs system and check traction lights comes on on 2005 Saturn Relay

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What do need to do when a light comes on with check abs system and also, a light comes up with check traction system?
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The ABS and Traction Control system are the same. When these lights are illuminated that means the ABS system has detected a fault. It deactivates the ABS and Traction control until it no longer sees the fault.
You will need tp have the ABS computer scanned to identify the fault code, then follow the apropriate flow chart to diagnose the problem.
The problem is, I have been dealing with this for 6 years, since I purchased the vehicle. Tried to take it back and they wanted to give me $10000 less for trade in, so I bagged it. I just had an issue on the freeway, my brakes locked up when the ABS light came on. I have spent about $2300 trying to have everything fixed and they are still coming on...what do we do???? I am SOOOO frustrated and honestly super angry. I have dealt with this for so long and will NEVER purchase a GM vehicle again. I have had two that completely suck. I will ONLY buy Ford from now on. Honestly, at least they start and don't have too many problems. When Saturn was still there, this stupid car was there every week. Insane.