1994 Ford Mustang GT Q&A

1994 Ford Mustang GT Question: charging system wont work,

ive changed the alternator and i still get no charge on the system just 12 volts, is there a fuse that would stop it from charging? where can i get a fuse block diagram? please help -
Answer 1
First you need to verify if you have at least battery voltage at the alt. If in fact it is the alt is bad. A quality new alt. will come with that connector. -
Comment 1
fixed it thanks guys....was in the fuse block -
Comment 2
you still need to check the connector at the alt. -
Answer 2
poss external voltage regulator or pwr to it. -
Comment 1
The regulator is in the alt. -
Answer 3
Check wire connector closely for signs of arcing or melting, connector is available at NAPA along with an alternator that will charge!!! -