Q: charging system failure on 2008 Pontiac Montana

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For the past three days, this charging system failure goes on. I was wondering if I drive around too much, it will die on me on the highway. Do I need a new battery? And last summer i got a new alternator put in. And everytime i past a puddle of water my driving wheel is hard to turn.
(2) Answers
I think the alternator has failed, or possibly not charging due to a loose drive belt. It will die on you when the battery is discharged to the point that it won't run the car anymore. Get the charging system and belts checked out by a GM specialist or an auto electric shop. You probably won't need a new battery at this time.
One thing, the power steering problem is a clue. Sounds like the drive belts are worn out or too loose and slipping. This could cause the charging system malfunction.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you: