Q: changing water pump. on 1995 Ford Windstar

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how to change water pump?
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1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
2. Drain cooling system.
3. Remove drive belt.
4. Raise and support vehicle, then remove lower radiator hose and hose tube from water pump.
5. Remove lower nuts from front and rear righthand motor mounts, then lower vehicle.
6. Remove alternator.
7. Using line disconnect tool set tool No. T90T-9550-S or equivalent disconnect power steering pressure line from pump, then remove reservoir cap.
8. Disconnect water bypass and oil cooler hoses from heater outlet tube, then remove heater outlet tube from water pump.
9. Attach suitable lifting eye to front exhaust manifold, then using suitable lifting equipment raise front of engine approximately two inches.
10. Remove water pump pulley bolts and pulley.
11. Remove drive belt tensioner and pulley from power steering bracket.
12. Remove power steering pump bracket attaching bolts, then position bracket and pump aside.
13. Remove water pump attaching bolts and pump.
14. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:

1. Use a suitable gasket adhesive to hold water pump gasket in place during assembly.
2. Coat threads of No. 1 water pump bolt with suitable sealer.
3. Tighten water pump bolts to 15-22 ft lb . in sequence.