Q: Changing Thermostat Housing on 2001 Mercury Cougar

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2001 Mercury Cougar 4CYL 2.0L - Already changed the thermostat and gasket but still have a leak, I think it may be the thermostat housing. Do I have to go to the dealership to to get a new one or do they carry them at an auto parts store? How easy is it to change? I think I saw 2 bolts holding the old one in, is that all I need in order to switch them out?
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Old question, but I'm sure others have had/will have this problem. The housing is now available at auto parts stores - not just the dealership. The thermostat housing is attached to the cylinder head by three bolts. Place a container on the floor beneath the housing. Disconnect hoses (with engine cold, of course). Disconnect the wires from the sensors and route them away from the housing. Now, you can remove three bolts holding the housing to the cylinder head. Once the unit is off, remove metal fasteners which hold the two sensors in place (one sensor on top of the housing, the other on the bottom). Sensors can now be gently pulled out. Be sure to install new o-rings on these sensors before installing them onto new thermostat housing. That's it! To install the new housing, just reverse the process. Run the motor to normal operating temperature; check for leaks and add antifreeze to reservoir. Check antifreeze daily for a week or so.
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