Q: Changing Starter Battery on 2006 Lexus RX400h

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Anyone ever change the starter battery yourself? Does the system need a reset? I am told not by one informed automotive buddy but Sears would not touch my car. I have used two Lexus OEM starter batteries and going on a 3rd in less than six years. Lexus warranted the first two and the third would be prorated but still cost me over $100! So I can get a better battery (based on my research) at Costco for $60.
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If a Lexus battery is not working, I don't think that a cheaper Costo Battery will improve things. I would look into a an Intersate Battery, I pretty much swear by them for any car, i.e. Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, Lexus, you name it. As for for doing the work your self, if you have to ask, then it is most likely not a good idea.
find a good honest and competent shop:

here are some suggestions to call:
Thank you, I appreciate your thoughts. Actually, I did my research on the battery and Costco/Kirkland is made by the same company that makes Interstate for them. I think the article stated 3 or 4 companies that make them all. Also, the Costco/Kirkland battery specs/cranking power were equal if not better than Interstate and also had a better warranty. I had a great experience with Costco batteries in the past. They give you quality at a value and stand behind the product. I am also very familiar with Interstate. My concern is not so much the battery choice but the ever changing hybrid story. Several years ago I was told that should not jump a hybrid starter battery and now they tell me it is OK to do as I did this morning. So, I will call the dealer and hopefully they will give me an honest answer to the question. "Can I change the starter battery myself, (like any other car) or does it do something to the hybrid system requiring some type of reset?"
Keep in mind that Johnson Controls, manufacturer of Interstate Batteries, will build a battery to the specifications of the company it is serving. Which is to say -- even a great company like Johnson Controls can make a sketchy product if the cost cutting company it is building for necessitates using lower quality materials, less lead plate soldering, less shock protection, etc etc.

For batteries, it's not all about "power". In fact, in truth, the higher the power the battery, the more lead plates are in it, and the more likely failure will occur due to proximity to one another and vehicle shock.

For example, Johnson's also makes the "Energizer" battery at Wal-Mart........

Interstate batteries are typically consistent and highly rated - for the higher quality unit. They make varying grades too...

Last: warranties are great, but better than a long, strong warranty is a product that is highly likely to last an exceptionally long time.

Just my $0.02...
Again, I have to say, my question is not about the battery. Does anyone here know if I can change the starter battery in this hybrid vehicle as I have done in a non-hybrid vehicle without any problem. For some reason you guys are focusing on which battery I install. I appreciate your thoughts on batteries but as you can see my question is not about which battery.
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a hybrid is not a vehicle you should work on yourself. in fact, my own shop works on Lexus but we will not touch a hybrid. suggest a shop that is certified in hybrid service.