Q: Changing Spark Plugs on 2002 Toyota 4Runner

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How do you change the spark plugs in the 2002 4runner? Do you have steps on what and how to remove in order to access the plugs?
Thanks, Trelina
(1) Answer
The ignition coils cover the spark plugs on one side of the engine and plugs wires are on the other side. When I work on engines I am not familiar with, I will replace one spark plug and wire at a time. This way I do not have to worry about getting the firing order wrong.
Autozone's website has free repair guides and has instructions on how to replace the plugs for your 4runner. I personally like to put a small dab of anti-seize on the new spark plug threads when installing new plugs.
If you plan on working on your 4Runner I do suggest finding a service manual. The 4runner and Tacoma have a large following in the off road community and resources online are also widely available.
4crawler's site has some info on service manuals too.
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