Q: changing rotor on 2003 Toyota 4Runner

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How difficult is it to change the front rotor? The left was machined and has warped. Should I change both?
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Either the 2WD or 4WD 4 Runner is relativity simply to replace the front brake rotors. The truck needs to be jacked up and supported safely. The wheel removed, the brake caliper, brake pads and brake caliper mounting bracket need to be removed, and the brake caliper is a "slip on fit" on the hub. Reassemble and prior to starting the car depress the brake pedal several times. Then start the 4 Runner and depress the brake pedal several times. Do one side at a time as things are a mirror image one side vs the other. I agree with Fernando replace brake rotors as a pair and also replace the brake pads at this time.
Because "Brakes" are an important safety feature in the operation of your vehicle and you may need special tools for this repair they recommend to perform this repair in a mechanic shop. And Yes, "To maintain optimum brake-operating efficiency, replace brake rotors as a set."
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