Q: Changing rear wiper blade on 2007 Toyota RAV4

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How do you change the wiper blade on the rear window of this thing? I know it can't be that difficult.
(4) Answers
It's tricky. It has to be removed and dismantled. Only the "rubber blade" portion is replaced. I watched them do it and I am still not sure I can do it next time.
Sometimes the blades can be tricky stop by your local Napa Auto Parts and ask the counter person for assistance with the blade
Bought my rear wiper blade at the dealer $15.00, parts guy came right outside and put it on for free. Just offered to do it
It isn't difficult. The trick is to lift the little black plastic cover at the pivot point of the wiper arm. This allows the blade to be lifted well off the window. To remove the blade, simply pull the bottom end outward until the blade is about at 90 deg to the arm then slide it off.
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