Q: changing brake pads on 2008 Acura TL

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Is it true that original equipment break pads are semi-metallicin front and ceramic in back? when changing pads, do I just remove caliper, press piston back,insert pads, watch for overflow of reservoir. Did my 05 camry. Looks the same.
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I'm not familiar with this brake system, but chances are it will be very similar to the Camry. Make sure to clean the areas where the pads contact the caliper. If there are slider pins, clean those too.
After you install the pads, press the brake pedal very slightly until the pedal becomes hard. You don't want to press the pedal to the floor, this can damage the master cylinder.
Go real easy on the brakes for a while, let them seat in slowly and don't get them real hot when they are brand new.
Good Luck!