Q: chain noise from engine compartment on 2002 BMW X5

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2 months ago drove about 3 hundred miles on my way back a light came on in the dash say oil pressure i stopped the engine. when i started it again i herard a small chain sound ichange the lower timing chain tensioner still hear that chain noise any ideas please
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Did you get the oil pressure checked?
The chain tensioner is hydraulic, if the pressure is insufficient the tensioner won't work correctly.

whats up zee?. thanks a lot for your reply yes i did change the lower tensioner but did not check the oil pressure.the noise i hear is coming from the cam u think ishould also change the upper tensioner.thanks again appreciate it.
The upper tensioner could be the problem too, however the oil pressure is the key thing.
If the pressure is incorrect the tension to the chain won't be good and it will be noisy, also the timing components will wear prematurely. Did you change the tensioner only, or the chain guides too?