Quality Car Repair. Never Overpay. Guaranteed.

Why RepairPal?

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High Quality Repairs
Auto repair done right. Only the work you need - no extras or add-ons.
Never Overpay
Our free estimator calculates a fair price for your specific repair needs, based on your vehicle and location.
Guaranteed Repairs
Rest easy knowing your repairs are covered by a local warranty.

Why Choose a RepairPal Certified Shop?

Customer Satisfaction
RepairPal tracks and ensures high satisfaction through verified customer reviews.
Expert Certification
RepairPal Certified shops are trained on the latest technologies, use high quality tools, and warranty their work.
Honest Pricing
All RepairPal Certified Shops are committed to transparent pricing and honor RepairPal estimates.

For Shop Owners

Are you an honest shop that delivers high-quality work and great service? Millions of people look for shops like yours in our RepairPal trusted network. Contact us to start your evaluation process today.
“RepairPal’s site has been bringing us a lot of business. It's by far the best marketing investment we’ve made.”
Brian Stillwell, The Car Shop, Tampa, FL