Q: Central Locking on 1998 Mercedes-Benz SLK230

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For some reason my key fob on stop working. I changed the batteries and still would not work. I do not know if I messed up the programing on this. I followed the instruction on the owners manual to no success and I also see on my odometer reading that there is a wrench with a "600" code. Please help as I don't want to bring this to the local dealer if I can fix it myself. Thank you
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the remote "programming" cannot be changed; it is hard coded. the transmitter either work or it doesn't. if the transmitter does not work, you have to replace the entire
key from the dealer. you can diagnose this yourself as long as you have access to the MB software that will confirm that the remote signal is reaching the receiver in
the car. most all good MB specialty repair shops have this
software so there is no need to ever go to the dealer.