Q: CE Light on 2003 Jeep Wrangler

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My CE light is on and showing a code P1494 i think it was. I took it to a dealership and they said it's the Leak Detection Pump. It'll cost me over $400 to fix. I have ask many people about this and no one can tell me anything. I need some help... thanks
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Leak detection codes are common on Jeeps and Chrysler's. The pump can fail due to contamination from debris or carbon particles from the vapor canister. When the pump is replaced they should tap the old one over a piece of white paper and look for black carbon particles. If the particles are present, the vapor canister should be replaced as well. If the pump failed from contamination, all of the hoses and tubes should be blown out with compressed air to prevent a recurrence of the failure.

The leak detection pump (LDP) is part of the EVAP system (evaporative emissions system). The EVAP system handles evaporated gas emissions. This describes the system and the pump is used by your car's computer to detect leaks. hope this helps!
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