Q: ccrm question on 2000 Ford Escort

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I have a 2000 escort and i have drilled out the rivets and looked at that board and there is 5 different relays on there. 4 of themn are made by bosch and are regulasr size but one of them is smaller and is made by omron. the #'s on it are GBSN-UA-007116, UNDER THAT THE #'S ARE F5DF-14A640-AA ansd at the bottom it says made in canada ands under that it has a different set of #'s which are D0214. on the opposite side of the board it has a black spot that looks like it has been burned. does that mean that its bad cause its been burned up? or anything at all??? any help yopu can give me would be so helpful and you seem to be thet guy to come to about this type problem. if yopu would e-mail me back at or you could even call me at 205 747-0597 and just ask for Jamie. thank you very much.
(2) Answers
I think your talking about your ECU engine control module and standard motor products has them for $199 exchange with a $50 core charge, available at your local auto parts store.
becareful if you use an after market ccrm. i tried a 4 seasons brand and the car would not start. it turns out they have problems with the 4 season brand. i only payed 35 dollars more at the dealer and repaired the old one just in case