Q: Cause of wet floor front passenger side? on 1999 Honda CR-V

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My car has a mildewy smell and I finally discovered the carpet has been wet in front seat passenger side for quite a while. Nothing is leaking from above but seems to be wet mostly along side edge toward front. I've been told it could be blockage in drainage system or a bad heater core. Which is it?
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Look at the passenger foot well area, bellow well below the glove box. With a flash light look at the carpet and at the top area of the carpet below the dash at the firewall there is a little black hose that has fallen off. It should poke out through the firewall and allow condensation from the air conditioning evaporator behind the dash to exit out through the firewall where it is then free to just drip on the ground outside the car.
Great response! thank you! I know next to nothing about cars and today I realized that my passenger side floor was soaking wet. I had been smelling a mildewy smell for the last week or so and couldnt figure out what it was. After reading your response I went down to look at my car and sure enough the black rubber tube was disconnected. Thanks again!