Q: Cause of gas pouring out under car when pumping gas and gauge says not full? on 2001 BMW 325i

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This has happened at many gas stations and pumps. My gas gauge doesn't read full. The pump clicks to stop after a few seconds of pumping gas and gas comes pouring out of the under side of the car BEHIND the gas tank/opening where you put in gas (I don't know what it's called!). It literally comes flooding out and not from where the gas is dispensed. Can't find any information anywhere on this. Please help!
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Your fuel pump has come loose. The fuel pump is located on the passenger side under the rear seat. Get a new ring and gasket and re-seal the fuel pump. You will need an additional person to press down on the fuel pump, while you turn the seal ring. Give them a hammer and turn it upside down with the handle on the fuel pump. While pressing down on the fuel pump, turn the ring clockwise until it engages the tabs, then take another hammer and screwdriver to GENTLY tap the tabs on the ring to tighten.