Q: cause and safety of freewheeling on 2003 Toyota Camry

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My car takes a longer time to slow down than usual when I'm release the gas pedal.aka: it's freewheeling.
1. Is it safe to drive? I have new brakes and rotors.
2. What is the cause ? What repair is needed if any? Cost? Thanks guys!
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Does the pedal seem particularly hard like its not getting adequate power assist from the brake booster? After the brake work was carried out I wonder if it is a case of brake lining material needing time to "bed in" or has air being introduced to the system requiring the brake hydraulics to be bleed.
If hte brake pedal sinks to the floor on braking perhaps the master cylinder has failed. I would bring it back to the place that just did the brake work and ask them to drive the car and confirm if there is a problem with the brakes or not. It is a safety issue so get it checked out as soon as possible.
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