Q: Catalytic converter turns red and the cars does not speed up. on 1990 Honda Accord

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I recently purchased a car that I knew had problems and while I was driving it home on the freeway the muffler started shooting flames. I got it home (thank goodness) without any other problems outside of it not wanting to pick up speed. Supposedly the distributor was changed and that is the problem but when I looked under the car I notice the pipes from the engine to the tail pipe was glowing red..Fire RED! Any clues as to where to start?
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It sounds like there's way too much fuel going into the engine and maybe the ignitiion timing is way off too. You need to tow this car to a Honda specialist for a diagnosis and estimate. Don't drive it, tow it because the catalytic convertor may catch the car on fire. Also, it will ruin the converter if not damaged already.
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Thank you so much for your answer and this was very helpful...I only have one other question. Could all of this be from the timing being off and possibly oil valve cover leak?
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take ur car to an exhaust shop it may be as easy as the muffler is plugged
or the cat is plugged if the distributor was changed the timing may be off as well