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Q: catalytic converter, oxygen sensos, and transmission issues on 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid

Here we go again. I bought my honda civic hybrid new in fall of 2005. It now has about 123,500 miles on it and up until about 8 months ago (when I had about 109,000 miles on it)the only problem I had is a shudder on acceleration. So 8 months ago, my check engine light goes on and my mechanic says I need a new oxygen sensor, so I replaced it. Then, 3 months later, my check engine light goes on again. I take it to Honda and they say that I need a new oxygen sensor AND a new transmission. I brought the car back to my mechanic, who replaced the oxygen sensors for free. I also started contacting HOnda at this time because I don't think my trans should be going at such low mileage. Basically, honda only offers to give me $500 towards a new trans, which they priced at about $4000. I didnt have that kind of money to replace the trans so they said that it would be fine for me to continue to drive it until the trans completely goes. So thats wjhat I have been doing. Now, my check engine light has gone on again and this time they are saying its my catalytic converter which I am told will cost me $1200. Add that to the $4000 price tag of a new trans and I dont know if its worth it, at this point, to put all that money into a car with so many miles. Does anyone have any experience with this? If I spand $5200 to fix my car is somethinge else (engine, battery...) just going to go? Do I trade it in at this point and get somethinge else? Please help, I need advice
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did you service your trans regularly??
as far as the trans, you can get it overhauled for about half price of a new one at an independent shop. shop around.
the cat is high even for a factory cat. get a bid from a shop other than a dealer.
i believe you can do this for a little bit better than half the estimate and move on.
are you ready to spend big bucks to replace it??

I too have a similar problem with my battery, my transmission, my motor control module, and something with the Engine Malcontrol Unit. 9 error codes!!! I bought a 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid brand new and put 160K miles on it in 3 years, but the fact that this car is having so many problems is pitiful. I did every scheduled maintenance and never abused the car. They requested $8000 to fix it at the rip-off of a dealership in GA, and they dont even know if that will fix it...their words. However, it seems like alot of us Accord Hybrid Owners got shafted.
Hang on here -- did the repair shop perform the start clutch burnish procedure? This is a common issue for "judder" on pulling out. The burnish procedure and fluid change usually helps. If not, the start clutch could need replaced. This is a common problem Honda is aware of. Your mlieage, though, puts you in a challenging position as far as Honda stepping up to assist.
I performed the burnishing procedure, and so far so good! However, I think Honda ought to eat this misery since they let it off the assembly line. Providing a little extra warranty was a pathetic action on the part of Honda when it directly involves a part known to cause issues later down the line! I've already told the Honda service manager I will expect as many Honda-covered replacements of the start clutch as necessary to keep me returning for future purchases. I suggest others do the same. It is sad to think Honda is going the way of American car manufacturers...the only difference is still retaining the relatively higher price tag.
Just so you know: I agree 100%. Having been on the front line on this deal in the past as a Honda Service Director, I can tell you that I ran into this more than once. The REALLY sad thing is that if you had a 2003 or 2004 model, the goodwill/warranty is even tougher to get done, because it was different back then (with the hybrid battery pack at least). The shudder is a miserable deal that they know about, but they would rather deal with it on a case by case basis rather than issue an owner loyalty program. This is one thing that I see that is more prevalent with manufacturers like Ford. Ford will often step up and pay for a common concern for a limited time period - kind of like a temporary "recall". Imports (Honda, Toyota, etc) tend to not do this. The funny part is: they are seen as higher quality than the domestics overall largely because of this. But perhaps folks like Ford should be applauded for stepping up instead of pretending everything is fine...

Not that they or anyone is perfect...

...and certainly this is mostly take it with a grain of salt.
Sell your '05 with the automatic and get an '05 with a 5 Spd Manual and you'll have much more fun driving and a lot less head aches.

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