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Q: Cat Guts..the true meaning on 2001 Ford Escape

After blowing out 2 EGR valves and following recommendations that it was a plugged Cat (Catalytic Converter) I finally after much ado got the Cat right behind the flex pipe off and a bunch of gray matter (not like the stuff inside your skull) came out of the Cat. looked like honeycmb but was in small chunks and some of the chunks looked like they were melted so I guess I found my back pressure/blown EGR valve problem. Looks to me like there's another (much larger) Cat about 2 feet behind that one between the 1st Cat and the muffler (which is way back at the rear of the car). Guess I'll pull that one to to see of more gray junk falls out. Have a good picture of the gray stuff but don't know how to post it here.
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It is part of the honeycomb, this heats up and helps reburn gas fumes before they leave the exhaust system into the air. By law, you should replace the catalytic converter when this happens. However a lot of people remove all this from the converter and run the car without it. If you do this it will not pass a smog test, if they do them in your area. and if you have oxygen sensors behind the converter, it will set a check engine light and some codes. But don't just throw the honeycomb part away!! sweep it up and put it in a plastic freezer bag and take it to a metel recycling center. It is worth about $10.00 per pound cash to you. Average small converter will pay you $30.00 to $40.00
Appreciate that my friend. I was just relieved to figure out what kept blowing out the EGR valve. Am going to put a Magnaflow Cat on it tomorrow.
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Thank You for the kind words and for being so proud of your dad.
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