2000 Volkswagen Beetle TDI Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2000 Volkswagen Beetle TDI

2000 Volkswagen Beetle TDI
$424 to $771
2000 Volkswagen Beetle TDI
$1,175 to $1,645
2000 Volkswagen Beetle TDI
$455 to $555
2000 Volkswagen Beetle TDI
$265 to $445
2000 Volkswagen Beetle TDI
$672 to $988

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One or more power windows may fail. Our technicians tell us this is commonly due to a failed window regulator which will require replacement.

Erratic turn signal operation can be a result of a failing turn signal flasher relay which will require replacement.

One or both head lights may not work due to premature head light bulb burnout and/or bulb harness failure. Care should be taken to inspect the head light harness connector for damage when replacing bulbs. Damaged connectors should be replaced.

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Where is the fan located and what do I check?

and to get inside door panel off. Window went half way down then stopped..made noise but would not go back up.--first time this

the motor will zew over, but not crank, there are no leaks in fuel or oil, everthing else seems to work, it just won't crank.????

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170k miles, car now has rebuilt trans, all components are in good service, with routine maintenece

All of a sudden I am experiencing the car fogging up inside and the defrost and heater will neither one clear it up. I had a mechanic and a glass company look at it and neither found any glass or mechanical leaks. The glass co. said it might be some break in the body of the car letting moisture in otherwise he can't think of anything else. car in good condition except biggest problem I have ...

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