2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Repair and Maintenance

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2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
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2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
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2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
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2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
$511 to $719
2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
$464 to $763
2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
$412 to $755
2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
$58 to $101
2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
$291 to $811

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When changing the air filter, it is easy to knock off a hose on the air filter housing, which is part of the emission control system. If the vehicle is driven with this hose disconnected, the Check Engine Light will illuminate.

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The Hybrid Highlander has been maintained at the dealership and I have paid for everything they ask! Now they say its the ABS module but need a vacuum pump and none of this is covered under warranty? help please

What is the cost for 25000 mile maintenance service for 2008 Highlander Hybrid?

The battery went dead on our 2008 Highlander Hybrid, which we bought less than 3 months ago from a dealer. car is driven on a regular daily basis, and we live in southern New England, so not cold this time of year.
Dealer says we need new battery. Should this happen on a 2-year old car wit...

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Two of the main control modules for the hybrid drive system are the Inverter Module and the Intelligent Power Module (IPM), which is located inside the Invertor Module. The IPM can operate at temperatures high enough to damage its electrical solder connections. Damaged solder joints can result in illumination of warning lights, various drivability concerns, and possible stalling of the hybrid drive system. Dealers will replace the IPM on affected vehicles to correct this concern.

Toyota and General Motors are recalling certain models because the power window master switch assembly in some of these vehicles was built using a less precise process for lubricating the internal components of the switch assembly. Irregularities in this lubrication process may cause the power window master switch assemblies to malfunction and overheat. This could result in the switch melting or possibly catching fire. Dealers will inspect and repair or replace the master window switch as necessary.

One or both sensors designed to detect vehicle roll angle may fail, resulting in illumination of the airbag waring light and suspension of the roll detection system. If both sensors were to fail under certain conditions, the curtain shield airbag and seat belt pretensioner could be inadvertently activated. Inadvertent activation of airbag components can result in injury to vehicle occupants. Dealers will replace the airbag sensor assembly with a new one containing improved roll rate sensors. This recall is scheduled to begin during May 2011.

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I love the way it handles and I get really good gas millage for an SUV (28-30MPG) . My only complaint is that the battery is not very strong. I can barely run the radio and charge my phone before it dies and needs charging. Besides that, overall it is a great vehicle.

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