1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

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The national average repair and maintenance cost for a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is between $259 and $317 per year. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and service provider.

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1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
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The high pressure power steering hose will commonly leak fluid; it should be replaced.
An engine oil leak may develop from the oil pump drive O-ring. This can often be confused with an intake manifold gasket leak. Careful inspection is required to determine the exact cause of the le...
The intake manifold gasket may develop and external engine oil or coolant leak. In some cases, an internal coolant leak may occur causing coolant to mix with the engine oil. Our technicians tell ...
Lost key and I need to know where can I get new key or buy key switch ignition change difference ...
When the car has been warmed up at a stop the engine goes from 500 to 1500 RPM and sometimes stal...
I put in a new turn signal switch and the lights still don't work
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January 04, 2013
1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
We bought my son a 1995 Olds Cutlass Supreme. We have put about 2 thousands of dollars fixing it up. On the 4th of July my son was going to his friends house in town, Thank God, when the driver's...
January 04, 2012
1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
Has 133,000 miles. Wish I would have junked it at 120,000. From 120,000 to 133,000 replaced, broken rear shocks (one snapped off), transmission valve body reassembled, calipers (one front and one ...
January 27, 2011
1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
My wife was T-Boned twice on the driver side about 6 years ago in 2005 on the driver side. Besides a few dents and a bent strut the car still drives good and we still drive back and fourth from Mo...