2001 Ford Mustang GT Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2001 Ford Mustang GT

2001 Ford Mustang GT Problems

Squeaking noise while turning due to worn outer tie rod ends

If a squeaking noise is heard while turning the steering wheel, the outer tie rod ends may be worn and should be replaced.

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2001 Ford Mustang GT Questions

Power steering fluid leak- Brake fluid leak- Severe front wheel alignment issue due to crashing into curb. Estimate? (1 answer)

front left wheel is rubbing against hub when turning left. Power steering and brake fluid leak

i have put long tube headers on and got rid of the cats. (1 answer)

i have put sensor deletes on bank 1 & 2 sensor twos.i am getting bank 1 & 2 sensor 1 slow response codes.i do have a programmer on the car.

My 01 mustang 3.8 starts to mist and sputter after normal driving every 35 to 40 (2 answers)

I have had Ford replace both converters and 02 sensors new and its stores and 02 sensor code when this miss fire and sputtering starts.

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2001 Ford Mustang GT Reviews

I have a 2001 GT convertible in Lazer Red Metallic paint. It has over 72000 miles on it. The only real gripe I have is with the brakes. They readily fade when the car is hustled through corners. The car also has a slight understeer problem. I've had no other problems with the car. It's fun to drive and for a 2001 model,looks very sharp inside and out.

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