2004 Ford Focus SVT Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2004 Ford Focus SVT

Repair Estimates

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2004 Ford Focus SVT
$1,016 to $1,457
2004 Ford Focus SVT
$281 to $449
2004 Ford Focus SVT
$173 to $286
2004 Ford Focus SVT
$87 to $127
2004 Ford Focus SVT
$372 to $580

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An illuminated Check Engine Light could mean that the intake manifold control lever is broken. An updated intake manifold should be installed.

4th leaking housing since new. Plastic cracks or oring fails

Warped front brake rotors may cause the steering wheel to shimmy when the brakes are applied. Our technicians tell us the brake rotors and pads should  be replaced to correct this concern.

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Altogether it has 21 fault codes ranging from seat belts to etc?

replaced plug and cleaned Maf sensor checked air filter no black assume PCV is ok. Runs fine except at Idle. still sputters. Same codes and O2 and misfire 3rd cylinder. What else.

my son just installed the shifter cables and now it seems not grabbing any gears at all. How can he adjust the cables? he's been trying almost everything and nothing seems to work. what is he missing?

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