RepairPal for CarMax Customers - Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a CarMax customer who needs service?

Frequently asked questions

What is RepairPal?

RepairPal is the leading nationwide network of certified repair shops. All RepairPal certified shops are rigorously screened by RepairPal for quality, tools, training, customer satisfaction, warranty* and a commitment to honor the price guidelines set by their repair price estimator. 

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What is the relationship between CarMax and the RepairPal Certified Shops?

RepairPal Certified Shops are third-party service providers, and they are not owned or controlled by CarMax.

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What is a RepairPal Certified Shop?

The RepairPal Certified shop program is designed to help you find a repair shop you and your family can trust. RepairPal verifies the experience and training of the mechanics, sophistication of the shop's tools, quality of parts placed in your car, satisfaction levels of actual verified customers, requires a warranty be offered and regulates the prices the shops charge. When you visit a RepairPal Certified shop, you can be sure that you are getting very high quality work from expert technicians at a fair price.

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How does a shop get certified on service, quality, or price?

First, the shop must complete RepairPal's technical assessment covering all components of the repair process. This starts with a thorough review of the technicians and service writers, including verification of their experience, tenure, training and industry certifications. RepairPal's assessment also covers the tools and equipment deployed at a shop, reviewing the state of technology the shop brings to the repair process. The technical assessment also covers the quality of the parts that will be used in repairs, as high quality parts are critical for high quality repairs.

Second, to stand behind the quality of their work, RepairPal Certified shops must offer at least a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty* on repairs and services.

Third, RepairPal conducts a comprehensive survey to only allow shops with the highest levels of customer satisfaction into its network. RepairPal extracts a verified customer list directly from the shop's computer system to avoid manipulated reviews and hires a third party to rate their experience at the shop. All shops receive a Net Promoter Score®, a customer loyalty metric used by companies worldwide. RepairPal Certified shops' NPS scores are comparable to and often higher than companies like Apple, Amazon, JetBlue, and Walmart.

RepairPal has invested considerable effort to build a price estimator that transparently provides a fair price range for hundreds of mechanical repairs for most models dating back to 1990. RepairPal Certified shops honor the price ranges quoted in our estimator, so customers can have confidence that they are paying a reasonable price for quality work.

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Will CarMax guarantee the repair?

Repair work is not be guaranteed by CarMax. All participating shops within the program network offer a minimum 12-month/12,000 mile warranty on major repairs. Additionally, RepairPal guarantees that you'll have a great experience and receive a fair price on any repairs completed on your vehicle.

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How does the warranty work?

The repair guarantee is a warranty provided by the RepairPal Certified shop, and is subject to exclusions, including but not limited to normal wear and tear items (such as tires, brake pads, clutches, wiper blades, etc.), wheel alignments and scheduled maintenance. For additional details, terms and conditions, please refer to your selected RepairPal Certified shop's warranty at the time of purchase. In some cases a shop's warranty for a qualifying repair may meet or exceed the 12-month/12,000-mile minimum.

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How do I file a Repair Price Guarantee warranty claim?

Simply contact the RepairPal Certified shop that completed your original service and they will honor your warranty or price guarantee claim. If a participating RepairPal Certified shop does not honor the warranty or price guarantee as provided by its terms, please contact RepairPal

RepairPal will honor the terms of the warranty and/or price guarantee. CarMax is not responsible for the price guarantee, the repair guarantee or any charges or costs pertaining to the repair of your vehicle.

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How do I contact RepairPal for any other questions or issues?

If you have a specific question or wish to provide feedback, please send us an email.

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