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My idle Control motor stays running after the key is out the ignition and it drains the battery to the point it won't start no more

My car does not want to turn on the first one, it turns on after 3 or 4 tries

every bump while I'm turnijg going straight its fine

I just had my brakes and radiator replaced. Bit now my car takes long to cool and it cuts off in park.

Yellow triangle warning light and hybrid warning light both came on at same time while driving yesterday afternoon, 6/24
Car still ran fine to home. Parked and checked this morning. Condition still the same with both warning lights on.
Could this be a computer issue or what?
This is a first time problem.
Please help me. Thank you
This vehicle originally purchased in USA and shipped over.
It has NEVER been any problem till now.
I am a retired American (VET) living in Budapest, Hungary

The water blow back to the reservoir

When driving the car it jerks really bad then it died. It turns over but can't get it to start. Already replaced the Cadillac Converter, Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, fuel injector, air filter, Mass Air Flow Sensor and O2 sensor.

Fuses good, change green fan relay,can temp sensor cause this, car stays between 80c and 90c so far without the fans

With inside light

How difficult is it to replace the starter?

We jumped the car but as soon as it's put in drive car dies

hard shifting

Car Wont go into third gear seems ike it looses pressure but won't cut off

Radio screen read service radio. Then next day radio stopped working. Only back up worked