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I traded in our 03 Yukon for this 07 Burb LTZ - wanted the navigation and onstar for the family, bought it from a local car store - this truck looks awesome - drives awesome and gets great mileage on a tank. I picked up the truck for a good price and since the Yukon never let me down I figured these new GMs would be just as good... well I have to say there are some tacky design areas - internal door handles are chrome plastic - peeling causes scalpel like shards that can cut you - I filed most of this off with the wife's nail board. Right now its suffering from a broken oil switch - bad grounding or bad transfer case servo motor/encoder. So I know when you buy second user you buy someone else's problems.. I get that, but I just cant help but think the old Yukon was a much better truck than this one... In addition I have replaced the Brake Pedal switch (stops cruse from working). Stripped and cleaned the throttle body. Reworked the heating buttons with new transfers as they were worn bad. Repaired the heated Rear window spade connector - it had fell off. Updated the Nav software to 2013 from 2008.... and I will end up replacing the oil pressure switch which is a bummer to get to.. and then attempt the 4 WD repair. In 3 months I have bought more, fixed more and had more problems than my old Yukon, but I'm so far into this truck now I dont think I can stop... I just hope it doesnt develop any upper engine issues I hear so much about... it actually runs very well as I believe it was dealer serviced up until the time I purchased it. But you know what I still love my Burb - she's my high maintenance "Bit on the Side" according to my wife.
Great car, Infiniti dealerships are horrible especially West Houston. Bunch of crooks!
I purchased this car new and now have 208000 plus miles on it. My wife and I made many trips of over 3000 miles over the years in it,and we never had a single problem. The only money spent on this car has been for normal maintenance and for things that are subject to wearing out, such as batteries, timing belts (2) alignments. and a very few lights. This has been by far the best riding and most reliable car I have ever owned, which included Jaguar, Buick Electra, and miscellaneous Fords, Chevrolets,and Hondas. I expect it to keep running well for the rest of my life.
Bought the car new ten years ago and have not had any problems until last week (Friday the 13th)..was about 20 miles from home for an appt. and the ignition would not work. The key was stuck. A young man saw what was going on and seemed to know what to do and got the key out. The car started and when I got it in my garage the key was hopelessly stuck again. We are waiting for it to be towed to a garage....Dashboard lights are iffy...sometime work and sometime not...
Bought new in 1999, and now has 130K miles. I have replaced the ignition coil ($60), radiator ($240), two inside door handles ($40 ea.) and 3 sets of tires. All scheduled maintenance has been done. It needs McPherson Struts right now, but am putting it off (they are $350 to $400 installed). Frankly it has been a GREAT car. I consider it VERY low maintenance. Plan to drive it another 50K miles.
I own a 2000 mustang and it's been a very reliable car. It has around 140,000 miles on it and has required very little work. And I'm not a gentle driver,,,so if it can hold up to me then it's a well made car. The body style is very attractive to look at. And it delivers speed when I need it. I plan on keeping this car for the duration and replacing parts as needed. Good job Ford.
I bought this used in 2012. V6 engine. I have always loved the Trailblazer/Jimmy models but this is the best I have owned yet. Comfortable, great in snow, great for picking up stuff for garden, yard etc., mostly reliable, not too many gadgets to fail (but do miss back up camera as lots of blind spots when backing up), ok on gas mileage, easy to get into and out of (have running boards). I do love this vehicle. I hate that they have discontinued this. However, there is a "hidden" warranty on this engine. Noise started from engine and curiously, a burning smell at back of car. Husband told me noise was an exhaust manifold leak. So called one dealer and was told it probably wasn't covered under our extended warranty that we bought. Did an internet search and found out about hidden warranty on exhaust manifold. Seriously pissed first dealer did not tell me this. Went to another dealer to tell him about my problem and he immediately told me there was a warranty on it and it would cost me nothing. Yea honesty! So got a new manifold and all problems went away. Be aware about this problem and warranty if you purchase one of these cars because not all dealers seem to be inclined to tell you this. Still love this SUV though!
We have had our car for almost 3 years. We bought it from someone who took very good care of it. The one problem we are having a second time is the exhaust. We love it more than I can tell you. It drives great & runs great. But don't buy one if you can't afford the upkeep. By the way it had 105,000 miles on it when we got it. It still has less than 120,000
I have a 2008 Camry and will never own another. It is a piece of junk. Eats oil, eats gas, hesitation, brakes and rotors gone, mildew smell in heater/AC, AND THE WORST PART OF ALL - WAY TO MANY BLIND SPOTS WHEN DRIVING - I DO NOT FEEL SAFE IN THIS CAR..
160,000 miles and going strong...headliner to be replaced under warranty....cosmetic only...will drive another 80,000 miles and decide what to do
I'm at 184,950 miles. Mo major problems. I drive 50 miles a day 5 days a week, plus many long weekend trips. I have the routine maintenance done every 5,000 miles using fully synthetic oil, and park in the shade on bright sunny days. This vehicle will last a million miles should I live long enough.
My 2014 Ford Focus is in the shop as we speak. The trunk began to randomly open on the freeway.
Rear driver side subframe cracks and the repair is 4900 dollars. They replace the subframe from the beginning of the backseat to the rearend. After the crack you can loose 1/2 in. In height On drivers rear. The problem is the car Chassis is for a 325 2.5. Engine and they install a 2.8l engine which produces more torc on three rear in. They had a class action law suit filed for all E46's. From 1999-2005 the letter went out to owners who were In the 328ci and the letter advices them too take their car into BMW. Service center to inspect and have a free repair. The settlement ended in 2009 and was open for all cars until 2010. After that it is on a case by case basis. They usually will do a percent off how long you have been a Customer. Even then it it's only. 50 percent.
Owned this car for ten years now. No problems. It is my favorite car. I can't upgrade, they stopped making these nice cars. I owned 3 neons and loved em all..they are great. Low maintenance, cheap repairs..
This is my first car I love it. It only takes $20 to fill the tank. It's got more than enough room for my kids and I to be comfortable and It drives smooth the only thing I would add is a cd player other then that no complaints. It is of course a used car other then a few interior issued from the previous owner that won't cause much to restore it's a good relaiable vehicle.
Love love love my C240 4-matic. In being the original owner for 13 years I have only dealt with 2 major services at MB and fixed incidentals and oil changes at 10k with original parts for less than the suggested $300 at the dealership. It is a matter of the dealerships having proficient techs who know what they are doing or are not expected to break stuff to get you to trade-in when your car is just broken in. All in all for the 127K miles I have driven 7K in repairs or maintenance is no biggie over 13 years considering you can never really leave the Honda dealership without dropping at least $200 every 5-7K or 3 months depending how you drive just for oil changes,washer fluid, air filter every single time. This car is a work horse I would not trade for anything. My goal is to run it to 300k. It rides great, doesn't miss a beat and other than missing the ipod jack and navi it has everything that most cars have today except I've enjoyed it for 13 years!
One gets what one pays for. Low air tire pressure light on since I've had it. Putting air in tires does no good. Have changed serpintine belt twice. Over 65 mph car squeals like a pig. Heavy wind causes hard driving to keep on road. Passenger front door starting to rust in middle of door. Had to have two sections of exhaust replaced. Front end needs alignment. Garage wants $1350 says everything is worn out? Reputable place so I wonder? Check engine light comes on. Checked and it comes back rear oxygen sensor. Light goes on and off sometimes stays on a month stays off a month. Finally bought the part and when I walked out of store and started car light went out. Its been a couple months now light has stayed off have not changed sensor, still have, needs special open end socket. Past summer changed brakes and put on new rotors, right after alignment started giving me problems. Engine, very little power. Winter time takes long time for heater to put out heat.
I have a 1996 Chev C/1500 it has 295625 miles on it and runs like a dream. I have had to do a few repairs over the years but nothing major it has had synthetic oil since new I had a mechanic do a compression check and it is as new.
I bought one year old.I have only had to do minor repairs.My biggest problem is driver door lock won't lock with key fobo r interior door lock.All the other doors lock just fine other than this , I wouldn't trade it for anything.It has 90000miles on it.
This is the worse car ever. Be aware everything falls apart before the car is paid off. Its not worth the time energy and headache. I absolutely HATE my Malibu!
I wasn't planning to write a review, but after reading the many negative reviews here I thought I'd relay my positive experience. I bought my 2005 Colorado early in 2008 L5 3.5L. I traded in a 1999 V6 Ford Ranger which I owned for 7 years. I drove both trucks for the same amount of time, traded them both in at about 100,000 miles. Both were good trucks, but the Colorado got better fuel economy (25-27 MPG highway), towed my 2,500 pound boat and trailer much easier, and maintenance and repair cost over over the time of ownership on the Colorado was much less than half than on the Ranger. I did have to replace the vent valve, which seems to a problem spot. About the only negative for me is the turning radius, which seems wider than necessary. I spent the last year looking for a newer Colorado, settled on low mileage 2012 model, hoping my experience with this one is as good.
I bought this car fully loaded and gently used with 29,000. Now, 9 years and 140,000 miles later, it has been inexpensive to own and has required mostly routine maintenance. At 165,000 there are some very minor issues that I don't find necessary to repair just yet. 1) The 'Service Engine Soon' light will come on, especially in cold weather, when the thermostat/temperature gauge does not reach 200F in the expected time frame. 2) The back light on the shift has gone out, so in the dark you cannot physically see that you are in Reverse-Neutral-Drive-Overdrive. In terms of tires, WINTER TIRES WERE A MUST in the snow covered Midwest states. The car is phenomenal IF it has a good set of winter tires (I have LOVED Blizzak WS80), however when I tried (multiple sets of) "all-season" tires, I slid off the road every winter and could not navigate through more than a few inches of snow. I would not hesitate to buy this car again if Pontiac were still producing vehicles. EASY TIP: If you hear a clicking sound coming from the dashboard area, especially in rainy weather, a part under the steering wheel needs to be cleaned. It's a free, easy fix that you can do yourself if you search for the video in YouTube. Worth every minute to get rid of a VERY annoying clicking sound.
First, if you have one, go to the dealer and get all of the recall work done immediately.I had a 2003 that I bought with 17,000 mi. Great SUV when properly maintained. LOVED it. The steering broke (a recall problem), causing a wreck which broke the frame. Nissan wouldn't pay. Big surprise! (It now has 106,000 mi, and is still parked in driveway). I loved it so much that I just bought another 2003 Xterra with 93,000 mi. The "new" one got 10 miles and needed 2 oxygen sensors ($550) and needs a Knock sensor (estimate of $600). Mechanic says it can wait. The one I just bought had one owner, but no wrecks. My mechanic says it has had the front repainted, so don't count on Auto Check or CarMax for real info. Take a used car into your mechanic and have him check it. I knew better, but based my experience on my earlier car to judge the quality of the new one-big mistake. My question: Is there any economical way to use parts from my old Nissan, which is mechanically wonderful, on the one I just bought? I don't know a "Shade Tree Mechanic" to pull parts for the one in need. Any suggestions? The junkyard will only give me $500 for my wrecked one.
Bought this Lesabre used at 90,000 miles, now has 270,000. Had two of the most commonly found problems: 1) windows stick, requiring replacement of motor; and 2) fuel pump went bad, probably because I drove it to almost empty every fill-up. No transmission or engine problems. On cruise control it does better than the EPA estimate: at 65 mph gets 33-34 mph. One of the best full-size sedans.
driving in winter the snow cakes up into the bumper and rips the wiring harness to the sensors out. design flaw? anyone else experience this?
Have had this truck 15 years. Bought with 59k miles. Always pretty reliable. Runs strong. Great 4wd v6 auto vehicle. Mpg is just ok. 18 19 mpg. Still very strong drive-train. Can go through 10 inches of snow. Limited slip 4wd posi drive-train. Bang for the buck I recommend this truck. Buying another is ridiculous. Since they keep jacking the price of the new trucks. I will just drive this hardbody for another 5 years.
G20 02 - Very good car overall. Minimal Problems. 33 mpg - comfortable. Corners well, ride is good. Radio is good. Sunroof nice. With base car which is loaded usually. Cheap to buy tires, 15 size. Cup-holders stink - one weakness area to many power steering lines, that are numerous. must be 6-7 hoses. Have changed 3 so far. Other wise no major trouble with car. Like all new cars not as easy to work on and replace things. I miss my dodge dart where everything was accessible.
We bought our dodge journey 2013 last august 2013..I was so happy to drive new vehicle that i thought its reliable coz its brand new. Not even one year yet i got the problem, the power steering was broke, so we took it to the dealer in fort sainth john, bc. they fixed it. After 5 months the car got problem again, even worst problem coz you cant even drive the vehicle. So we called the chrysler and they adviced that they gonna towed it to fort sainth john dealer. And its because it was long weekend, the next working day the fort sainth john dealer called me and asked why our vehicle was towed to their place. My husband told them that there is a problem on that vehicle need to fix. They told us that they cant fix it so we need to wait maybe 2-3 weeks. The next day they phoned again and told my husband that the vehicle was fixed and they want us to get right away, My husband said we cant get it right away coz we are 400 kms away to that dealer ( atleast 4 hours drive). But the customer service answered rudely that we need our vehicle to be out of their place right away or else they gonna put it out of thier property... WOW, what a service they gave..Until now we did not get our vehicle back yet...
Car only has 55000 miles and the alternator died!!!expensive repair!!!
This is our 2nd Subaru that we bought new, (1995+2005). I think an above average car. Still, I think all of us would like to think that our cars would be exceptional (In the car reviews we only see a few that stand out with low maintenance.) Leather seats... Low quality leather seats, and driver seat didn't wear well. Not the best support either. This is my wife's car, (I wouldn't buy a Subaru). Still, it is exceptional in the snow, as we run with 4 snow tires in the winter. Regular fuel...20 around town, and 28 on the turnpike. When the car was new the automatic transmission would shift a bit rough, the dealer put an "additive" in it and so far at 107,000 it still works ok. The engine runs strong, but with limited power. Fuel system is good, but the car has a gas oder where you add fuel, this started around 70K, (the 95 Subaru had the same problem). At around 80K we had to replace the whole exhaust system, (except for the catalytic converter). Replaced the rear struts around 70K, not the best handling car, lots of body roll going into turns. The car has been well maintained.