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Bought a 2007 HHR to use as a tow car. It was sitting in our driveway, after taking grandkids to classes, and the interior just burst into flames. It had been sitting over an hour. The firemen and insurance company said it was electrical. WHY WOULD A CAR JUST BURST INTO FLAMES? Chevrolet is not interested in why this happened or the safety of its customers, or my family! I have contacted but they basically said since the insurance company was notified and the car was totally lost, it was now their car, NOT ours, and they would NOT check to see why this happened. It was our car when it burned up!! It was my family that was at risk riding in it! VERY DISAPPOINTED!
I Love my 1993 Dodge Dakota. I am female and have got completely ripped off on repairs. I was lied to ,cheated out of a lot,alot, of money. All say,"its a Dodge" like a problem child. The only problem was they were all liars and thieves and wanted it. So they dogged the Dodge. I still got it and they don't! They(as in "mechanics or just men talking crap about it.),LOL. literally tried to steal it three times on mechanical issues,that were reasonable, if I had gone to an honest mechanic the first time. Had to find one ,it took time and a lot of money later. I paid and paid the thieves. When taken care of ,it is the truck!
I have a LOVE-HATE relationship with this car. I bought it in March of 2013 - it had just come off a lease with 28K miles and it was absolutely pristine! This was my first NON-Ford or GM product, and, after reading stellar reviews about the 7th Gen Maximas, I had high hopes for my first ever Japanese label! Unfortunately, in very short order, I found myself experiencing more quality control issues than in my last 6 vehicles COMBINED! The first thing I noticed was that the heated seats did not work AT ALL. After two trips to the dealer (which involved tearing out the seats and installing new heating elements,) it was discovered that there was a bad wiring harness that was not getting power to the seats. No need to tear out the seats AND scuff up the interior in the process, after all! The car now has 42K miles on it - subsequent repairs included an erratic passenger side window (it stuck wide open, partially open and totally closed, and I never knew when I hit the switch if it would work or not. Dealer replaced the drivers side window switch (that didn't fix the erratic problem) took it back and they replaced both the passenger's side switch, and again the driver's side switch. Who knows what the problem is but the window has been working fine ever since. Other service included acceleration issues for which I discovered there were two Nissan transmission service bulletins that applied only to the 2010 Maximas. I printed them and gave them to the dealer, who subsequently performed the major work (they had the car for 5 days but gave me a loaner.) More issues: The LEDs in the mirror mounted turn signals have shorted out and just plain burned out - the dealer replaced one side while the car was under warranty, I am now ignoring the fact that the one on the driver's side has 2 leds that aren't lighting, as this happened after the 36 month warranty expired - I am told the entire mirror assembly has to be replaced at considerable cost. NICE DESIGN, NISSAN! The day I was taking the car to the dealer for the transmission work, I decided to remove all of the CDs from the 6-disc changer since I knew they would have the car for at least a few days. Bingo - the disc changer suddenly lost its mind, and every time I tried to eject a disc, the changer decided to PLAY them instead! After much frustration and about 20 minutes, I managed to convince the changer that I was the boss, and I ultimately got all of the discs out, only to have the display flash randomly and incessantly. The dealer told me they had replaced the "entire unit" while it was in for the transmission work. Now that the car is out warranty by a few months, three buttons on the "new" radio have quit working entirely, #3, #6 and "AUX" - meaning that I can't listen to the XM radio I am paying for. Vision Nissan does not seem inclined to show any compassion, but I am still working on that issue. I also experienced problems with the front door actuators - any time below 30 degrees, I never knew if the doors would open (Or close) One night after getting into the car just fine, I couldn't get the driver door to close, so I drove 7 miles holding the drivers door closed with one hand and steering with the other! Another time when I was leaving a restaurant, I got into the car just fine when it was about zero degrees, drove 7 miles and then couldn't get either front door to open from the inside. I (at 65 years of age) had to climb into the back seat and exit the right rear door - in the dark, mind you. After I became highly "assertive", Nissan finally agreed to replace both front door actuators. It got warm shortly thereafter, so I have no idea what to expect this coming winter. If the overall design and roadworthiness of this vehicle wasn't so exceptional, I would have parted with it long ago. I can tell you I will never buy another Nissan product as long as I live!
I purchase the GLK350-W2 car last week from Keys European and I fell in love with the performance. The ease of getting in and out of the car. sit up higher than my previous E350-C super super smooth ride and luxury is its statement. comfort seating so much space and very satisfied. keeping in mind the Benz dealer always take care of their costumers no matter what.
05 Santa Fe 3.5L is not a good SUV. No codes showing initially but all of the sudden, car just started idling dangerously high when I started it, when I put in reverse to back up it jerked and was idling so high, it left tire marks when I switched from reverse to drive. It felt like I had it floored even though foot was on the brake and I wasnt giving it any gas AT ALL. I had to drive home with my hand on the emergency brake because it felt like I had no control over the speed. It got a litle better when I got into second gear. Parked, tried to start again that night and same thing. My regular mechanic(who is amazing and has never let me down) spent 2 wks trying to figure out why this car is idling so high and he couldn't figure it out, but he did replace throttle position sensor and it helped a little. He told me to take it to dealership but I don't have the $115 per hour for the dealer to look at it and then charge me an arm & a leg to (possibly) fix it. So I took to another mechanic who wouldn't charge me to diagnose it and he said he got the idle down low enough to drive it. It was fine for about 3 miles, then the car jerked, sounded like it didn't want to change gears or someting, and the check engine light is on now and something is now leaking underneath, looks like coolant or oil, not sure. I don't know anything about cars but I have spent so much money on this piece of crap and it's not even close to being paid off. I will never buy another Hyundai. Any idea on what is wrong please leave in the review section!!! Hey Hyundai ,maybe you could actually start doing recalls on some of these idling/unintended acceleration issues that alot of people are having!
Beautiful vehicle, good truck! Minor wear and tear, except the gas gage has sporadic behavior after 50,000 miles. Looks good and still turns heads!
Love this car although purchased a Honda Civic recently to get better gas mileage the Lexus SC is best car ever owned. I moved here to California in 1998 purchased my Lexus when lived in St, Louis bought used of '94 with 18k miles. Car is very excellent no issues or problems ever had out of it. Comfortable, smooth ride and nice still no paint rust got regular oil changes and routine maintenance. I am currently driving this car at now 200k miles runs flawless great sound system with original 12 disc CD changer and more. This was the best Lexus automobile ever owned love this sporty car fun driving in El Cajon and Los Angeles some of the options are very nice for a nice old used Lexus as this one.
Done 11000 miles since purchase - General performance is OK - I like the MPG at 28-32 on a two way round trip of 32 miles. Don't Likes: Very noisy interior on most roads - Seems like the tires need to be changed for a smoother and quieter ride. This is an annoying problem and or design flaw. Would this car benefit from a better sound deadening material to be installed? Cannot say much for the Sound system when playing CD's - BMW needs to stop putting unnamed 'cheap' / 'nasty' loud speakers in their cars regardless of price points.
I've had my Compass for 8 months. I absolutely love it. If I could change anything, it would be the vents of how the A.C. is set up. It doesn't blow as directly on me as I'd like it to. And, it doesn't have immediate zero to zoom power.
Traded my 01,Lexus Is300 for the 240 6-speed... Car had 77,000 miles on it I've put brakes n rotors on it and a Ac compressor the first year I had it. So far it's been 4 months since n No problems car now has 89,000 on it. No lights on but I Tried to trade it in and was Low balled at 1800 by 3dealers. Guess it's resale value is garbage I thought I would at least be off 4k..
bought this car brand new in 2013. front seats are extremely uncomfortable. long trips are a killer. No real leg room to speak off. Interior dash and door panel looks like cheap plastic. adjusting radio controls can be distracting while you are driving. If seats were any more uncomfortable would have traded in car!
I have 113000km on my Rondo and I am experiencing a loud tapping noise coming from the engine. When I use a higher grade fuel the noise seems to disappear. Other than this ,which i hope is not an expensive fix, I am happy with the vehicle...
Good car I love mines. Purchased at Auto Carrier Auto Repair in Haywood right into West Los Angeles love this car it was a Avis rental from Las Vegas with 35,000 miles. I found that the Grand Marquis be extremely comfortable rides like a couch on wheels and very impressive car ever. Put 125,778 miles never put nothing on car gets oil changes at 3,000 miles and plugs change at 15,000 car is very good condition. Lots of spacious, luxury and its a nice looking car to drive though was a used car still had new car smell. She does well in city driving being retired military academy trainer this car feels like a ship driving so smooth has lots of great features on GS model believe like it better than having another Cadillac as much love those cars even used to drive one that was a limousine still this Ford car is the best ever bought keeping until leave this earth.
I bought my 09 HB brand new within two months I had to get the rotors resurfaced. It was down hill from there. AC started making a noise, new battery, and of course the fabric on the doors came off. Rubber coming off the window on the rear door. Don't ever, ever, pay for a vehicle!!! Now, the brakes, rotors and tires are bad. Oh, I didn't say, I only have 28,000 miles on it!!!!
I absolutely love my 91 Deville, 2 door. Most comfortable smooth ride I've ever owned. Body is immaculate, and when she's polished she's a beautiful sight goin down the highway. Headliner needs replacing, and need to replace window motors on both sides. I'm never getting rid of it, if it breaks, I'll fix it! Stereo original hasn't worked since I bought it, having new system installed next week, radio and speakers. My dream machine! No doubt.
I bought the car in May of 2014 after my 1995 Mercury Cougar was in a accident. Love the Accord its a good dependable well made Japanese automobile ever made. The 4 cylinder is very powerful it runs and drives excellent. Within only one year my Accord has never experienced nothing bad did get few things all repaired but its a reliable car. Interior is like new and runs and drives smooth gets 30mpg has the EX-L package. I am the 3rd owner of this car purchased off ad for $3,580 was a good deal buying my Accord love every bit of this vehicle. Overall very fun driving no numerous repairs looked under hood believed last owner took excellent cared of this car even the spouse had let their teenager drive this car back in college. Got all the service records and maintenance the car needed couple things but after bought few little things happened so far its a sporty looking car with enough performance very reasonably to drive well maintained and believe it will go forever as have 224,000 miles all original without a single problem. I will always buy a old used car as a car like this one because they are trouble free built bulletproof with nothing but changing oil, plugs, tune ups and batteries replacements its a very highly reliable car probably better than my '95 Mercury which was a good car too.
PROS: I've put all of the 209,000 miles on my Astro. Still doesn't burn a drop of oil and runs smoothly. I change the oil faithfully about every 4,500 miles. Still gets around 23 MPH highway. I don't ever recall having to align it. CONS: Replaced two alternators but made the mistake of using non-OEM the first time which lasted 13 months with 1 yr. warranty (of course). 2nd replacement was OEM from dealer and it's still going after a number of years. Replaced 2 AC compressors and very recently, the AC condenser. Transmission coolant line let go just before 200,000 miles. Still, with 209,000 miles, I have certainly gotten my $ worth and would buy another in a heartbeat if they still made them.
5.3 motor been using oil since day one. 31700 miles later and still using oil . change oil every 3000 miles. have records where g.m. changed my oil showing low on oil. use truck for pleasure only no heavy use.
This year and model assembled in Mexico. The plastic dry rots in the interior and cracks. All plastic interior is falling apart. Every time I have work done on the engine it comes back with broken parts, mostly plastic pieces that hold components together. Even doing minor repairs such as changing a headlight requires delicate surgery to prevent plastic parts from cracking. The head needed replaced because the timing belt broke slipped. If you buy a VW make sure it was assembled in Germany or America.
I am over 70 years old and have had so many new trucks that I have lost count. My 2011 250 super duty diesel is the best truck I have ever owned. I pull a 36 foot 5th wheel and have never had a problem going up or down mountains in Colorado or New Mexico. I also get about 11 MPG towing and about 18 MPG not towing. I also replaced the fuel tank with a 50 gallon fuel tank which was one of the best things I have ever done to a truck that pulls a trailer.
New to the beamer world but familiar with sports cars. The best car I ever had.
Bot 2001 v6 automatic used at 50,000 miles and it had a factory tow package. original owner had it zebarted and took good care of it. I have 225,000 miles. Door handles had to be replaced. When i got it, I drained the transmission and put B&G transmission additive in it along with the correct Motocraft transmission fluid and also changed the transfer case fluids and the radiator fluid (use the green stuff) I need to change the struts. I bot a fuel pump in advance so I wouldn't get screwed at the dealership ( you can change the fuel pump yourself without droppine the tank, access is under rear seat) I use synthetic blend oil (10-40) because of the looseness of the engine.
For a year I took my a6 4.2 to the dealer several times because a low coolant light continued to come on. I eventually gave up on y40 mile round trip to Annapolis to DC for this problem. I just kept g12 coolant in the trunk. It eventually was fixed by a service shop that I took it to for oil leaks. Now I have another oil leak. But it only leaks when its parked over night. Another dealer said its the valley pan gasket. To repair this will cost $3000+...
Reading some of the reviews, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I have a 2005 Sorento EX, had it since new, now 160,000 miles. Never (never) had it in the shop...EVEN FOR WARRANTY WORK. I think that's the secret, keeping it out of the shop for somebody's ill trained mechanics to screw up. I still have the same spark plugs but have changed the hoses & one serpentine belt (at a local repair shop). That's it. In 10 years. Still runs great, V-6, 22 to 25 mpg. I do use SeaFoam fuel additive and change oil regularly. Oh....still have the same timing belt, 160,000+ miles. That B.S. about changing it at 80,000 or whatever miles is just that...B.S.
Bought my 2004 X-Type 3.0L AWD with 51,000 and it now has 135,000. Will not get rid of this car. Best car I have ever bought. Yes parts are a little high but hey it's a Jaguar. AWD is great. No motor issues. had sensor on Trand go out but no big cost.Will do 140 mph and get 22mpg around town and 27mpg on Hwy. What else could you ask for. Oh Yeah IT'S A Jaguar....
My daughter has a 2004 Stratus that we are prepairing to retire. She takes very good care of her car and has all the recommended oil changes, tune ups etc. She got the car in 2011. in the 4 years she has owned the car has had numerous problems including the check engine light going on randomly with no explanation after having it checked multiple times, it makes a loud whistling sound when she accelorates, and her timing chain self destructed last weekend. The body has held up well however.
2006 c-230 74,356 miles. These are all common complaints on this year and model. They have happened to me. Interior driver side door handle breaks off (Mercedes Benz quality) Class action law suit on the balance shaft inside the V6 engine. Mine went bad at 73,xxx miles, Transmission on the seven speed automatic, may shift, may not, may just stay in one gear. Very dangerous when making a left turn with oncoming traffic. Could be the only way I can get rid of this piece of junk is to have it hit and totaled.
There was a review regarding some issues. One was rear pistons do not work. Go to any of the major parts stores and get replacements. If you can not figure it out ask them to install them while you hold up the rear hatch. I believe about 25.00 each. The instrument problem is resolved for less than 250.00 Several sites explain how to put the steering wheel down, remove the instrument cluster bevel, remove 4 bolts, and send it in. They can also add a transmission temp tensor for 70.00. Rotors and pads are expected maintenance. Rear brakes are easy, except you would be best off renting a lift to get the caliper mounting bracket bolts loose. Once you break them free the rest is easy and cheap. About 150.00 for rotors and pads. For less than one month's car payment you can get most of the repairs taken care of. Just like the wife, a little LTC is cheaper than a divorce.
my 2010 ram is a junker! i bought it new and i hoped it would last. well it uses 2 quarts of oil every 3500 miles since new!dealer said thats normal . lmao! tie rods were replaced at 20000 miles for recall. at 30000 one broke.i used aftermarket replacements the second time and no problem.the front seat fell apart in 50000 miles.the two electric motors that control the blend doors went out so i replaced them to.all out of pocket. my front and rear bumper are super rusty!!!!! the oil pan is just about rusted out!body is rusting and my water pump went out today @ 84000 miles. what a total piece of shit!!!!!!! i will never buy a dodge again ever!! don't buy one!

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