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Overall good car
Love this car. Tons of thoughtful little amenities. Inexpensive. Very safe. Great gas mileage for such a generous mid size. No repair or maintenance problems except the horn broke. Only oil changes for the last 50,000 miles, and the car tells me when to change the oil! Sweet. Only about every 7-8k miles! Totally saving a mint on maintenance. One other thing, and this is probably because I don't wash my car very often or keep it in a garage, but the paint is isn't in very good condition anymore.
Have had issues with the brakes. Had to replace several times.
Good solid vehicle.
I have put 100k miles on this car in just over 5 years. The only concern I have had is that the transmission fell out at 96k. Otherwise, it's been a very comfortable car to drive with no major concerns. The a/c continues to blow extremely cold, even in Texas!
Despite problems, I love this car. After 160k, it's still tight as day one. I bought it when my daughter was 6, and now she's driving it, just as I planned. Just find a good tech. who knows his Volvos. They're different.
a great car.
Its no wonder that this is one of the best selling cars of all time worldwide. The engine is bulletproof, the car is light and tossable, and the styling is pretty boring. The only problems I've had so far are the peeling interior cloth door trim and faded paint surrounding the hood. Besides that, I can't complain.
We bought the car with .4 miles on it and the only work it has need was a wheel bearing at 80k and an ABS sensor at 120k! Only normal maintenance, still has orginal brakes!
Mine is a lemon. Really. When it is too hot the entire dash goes out. The dealership could never figure it out. With that said, I love my car and would buy another one. Really. It drive great, especially long trips. It's perfect for a short woman, the seats aren't too high, not too many blind spots. The 4WD is easy to use, and it can really get into some tough spots. It get very good gas mileage and rarely breaks down. I would give it a 4.5 out of 5!
Ultimate car
This is an excellent car. Apart from typical issues with the interior plastic slowly falling apart, I have had no problems up to 130,000 miles. No mechanical issues whatsoever.
I like the feel and driveability of this vehicle. It is the first pickup I have ownwed and I have put 70K miles on it since it was new.
I bought this Stratus ES 2Door, 5 speed new in @3pt. 2001. Aside froma couple of engine sensors that have failed, there have been no problems. I still am averaging 25.1 MPG (2007), and have no other problems.
Great car been very happy with it since purchased Dec 2001. Audi's are built great and other than the big services that can get costly (timing belt) I continue to enjoy it.
Its a 94 model, what can I say. Rides a little rough and have had a problem with an emission leak which I understand is common.
Love my car, would have bought even if not a hybrid. Well designed inside & out, w/ a lot of features for a car in this price range.
The car has 170,000 miles on it but still works great as long as it receives regular maintenance. After 12 years the only problem I've come across is oil leaks which are easily fixed.
Good car. Have had a few minor issues...A/C needed recharged. Battery died
pickup is great for a little sedan, replaced brakes and get all kinds of noise now, might need oem parts, suspension is soft but for the price and style not bad, milage is great, other 2 cars are a mazada and a nissan they have had more problems them the KIA
very good car, rock solid reliable, zippy, and comfortable
Inherited this van from a family member. It was already on its third transmission when I got it, and now the transmission is not doing well. Engine is fine if not very durable. Seems to be a bad combination.
4x4 HD v8. AC failed at under 100K. Current mileage 204,000. original engine/trans. No major drive train problems. Radio failed at about 100K. Mechanically very reliable. Steering very loose since about 125K.
Great van
My vehicle has an outrageous 220,000 mile. Despite this fact, the engine runs extremely quite and smooth when I first purchased this car in the summer of '07. Since then, I have had to repair the CV Joint, front and rear O2 sensor, retro-fit and repair the AC. Common problem that you will run into as I have and other owners of the same vehicle have had to repair is the dash light which will start fading and cost about $1000 to replace st a Lexus dealer (or don't drive at night or go with the flow of traffic). The head light mounts which always dry up and crack, thus your head lights always seem to go out, but just go to an auto parts store to get the replacement for about $5 a head light ($20 total for high and low beam).
(More to come, but I ran out of time)
The BEST auto ever owned of over ten I haved owned.
OEM Brake pads create a ton of black dust. Aftermarket pads are far better in all respects.

Body has held up very well for 120k, still very solid - no rattles.

Exhaust system went at 110k. Price to replace pipes and muffler was nothing short of outrageous $1000-1500 no matter where I shopped. Purchased APR stainless performance exhaust for $950 and had it installed at local muffler shop for $100. Sounds slightly (5-10%) louder, but my wife thinks its just fine.

A/C is not the most powerful, especially when idling.
Being a first year a few problems however 133k miles and still running strong
One of the best handling cars on the planet sub super car.