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Great vehicles. One of the best engines in the world.
Innovative design, snug fit and unique balanced symmetry and synergy let each car part and body component contribute to the overall silhouette
Actually -- I drive a Westfalia -- and despite the cost of repairs which must assumed with maintaining one of these beauties -- there is no other form of transport like them! If you love the outdoors -- yet hate to cram tents into hatchbacks -- this is the ultimate answer. It is fun to drive once you have the feel of it and offers many of the comforts of an RV -- without the 50,000 cost. But do be prepared to hunt for one -- do study up. And do expect to spend several thousand on a regular basis to get it restored unless you are buying an already refurbished angel. Gas milage is better than one might think for such a large camper. I get 18 on an average day. But think about investing in a turbo-biodiesel rebuild... FUN! More than a van -- more than a camper -- really the best of what we all came to the planet for (hear the ex-hippie in me?) -- freedom to get up go at a moment's notice (I keep mine stocked and so don't have to plan ahead and spend a whole day getting camping gear ready) -- closeness to nature -- relative affordablity compared to "lodges" or rented cabins or RVs -- and yet a heck of a lot more comfort than sleeping on the ground in the rain! Happy adventures to you.. OceanHope.
This has been a great truck. I have the renegade package and I love it. I bought it new and I have only had one major problem which was fixed under warranty\recall. Only problem now is the gas mileage since gas prices have started to sore.
My 96 has over 100k on it, and it's still very strong. Corvette, accept no substitute.
I love this SUV best vehicle i've owned in a long time
Love this car. It's our 2nd Prizm. I drive the 2001. They both get great gas mileage. The interior of this car was initially made much better than my 2001.
This is our 2nd Prizm, our other one is a 1990.They are wonderful,reliable cars that get great gas mileage. They were both bought used from car rental agencies. Few people realize they're Toyota Corolla autos by another name. We feel badly they no longer make these cars, would continue to buy them when needed.
Very good so far! No major or unexpected repairs needed. Easy to maintain.
Our Sequoia has been a steady workhorse for the family for 4 years. We've taken it up and down the coast a number of times and it's never let us down - the electrical outlet in the rear allows someone to work on their computer as if in a business class seat. We've towed the race car many times and it always has plenty of power and handles great. It's also very comfortable in both front and rear. The driver seat doesn't have quite as many adjustments as I'd like and the navigation system stinks by design, but aside from that, no complaints.

Aside from some electrical problems associated with the aftermarket alarm system, and a crack in the windshield due to a rock, the thing's been totally reliable and solid. No wonder Toyota is taking so much market share...
30-45 miles a gallon, what else can I ask for
Poor low beam lights. Roof line to low for entering driver's side. Occasional jerking of car when accelerating after slowing down.
I was excited to get the Prius, however I have found the car to be quite annoying. Forget having to get used to the 4 cylinder vs the 6 cylinders I was in before, but the car has so many oddities/quirks I don't even know where to begin.

First the good stuff: gas mileage (everyone knows this), the consumption game (only prius owners know this), cool spaceship feel in the driver's seat and surprisingly large interior.

Now, for the things that drive me BATTY! (I have an 08 by the way) When you put it in beeps the ENTIRE time! And not outside the vehicle so people know your quiet car is coming, but inside. I feel like it is yelling at me. It's incredibly irritating.

The navigation is HORRIBLE! Again, I am spoiled because I came from an Acura (owned by Honda) and their Navigation is hands down the best, but come can't find Washington D.C. easily. You have to put it in and scroll up? Also, it loves the most roundabout way of getting there.

The passenger seat weight sensor is ridiculously sensitive. I can't tell you how many times it wants me to put a seat belt on my groceries or brief case. Really? Is someone gonna lay their 10lb baby on the seat and start motoring, thus the need for such low weight limit? However, since the seats slope funny and don't have a little ridge at the ends god forbid you have to brake quickly. Everything on your seat goes FLYING off. I have never had this happen so often in a car (and I quick brake a lot) - it's definitely the seat.

And what's up with the pleather? Yuck.

These are just a few things that drive me crazy about the prius. I'm all about "saving the world" but I have to retain my sanity!
I love my truck, transmission issue right now and some sort of other issue but still looking into it .
Stay away from this car and it's "Air Suspension". Nothing but a very, very expensive nightmare. Also had to spend lots of money on a steering rack for this car. A total horror show. Wait until they release the new Allroad here in the US...don't waste your money on this version.
The perfect sports/road car. Powerful, Comfortable, Exciting. My choice for road trips... seats are very comfortable, handles great on mountain roads and highways. Gets 28mpg! on trips. Love the XM radio. Always a headturner.
Perhaps the perfect SUV. Not too big, not too small, drives and handles like a sporty car. It looks as good now as it did four years ago.
Great car!
This is a great little car. I have the Hard top convertable and it is great. Gets thirty to thirty two MPG. I had a MGB before but sold it. I am very glad I have this new Miata and I love it!!
With the exception of brakes I find this vehicle to be a very good one. At 50160 miles I had the pad on my front left brake drop off on the road. Subsequent brake job revealed five of the eight pads completely unbonded to their backer plates. Average mileage since I drove it off the lot is 24.6 mpg. and about 1/3 is town driving.
This truck is a secondary vehicle for me but I have no complaints on it.
I have to make a trip almost every month for one or other electrical problem. Fix one, and then another one shows up in 5-10 days. Nothing major, mostly turn signals, fog lights, seat belt sensors.
I am the second owner of this car. I bought it with 45,000 miles. I have had regular oil changes paid for new brakes and new tires I had a premium maintenance package done on the car when I bought it. After 18 mths there was a noise in the steering, the dealer tightened the hose clamps and said if it happens again it will cost $2,000. 6 mths later "transmission service urgent" message.
Dealership said I need a new transmission $5,400, possibly need New radiator, $1,750 and
the headgasket is leaking, $4,500 to replace. I was in shock. Service person said the '04 XC90 was the first year and not a good one. :-( I would never buy another Volvo!!
Excellent car - rock solid so far. 120k. Cam seals needed replacing at about 60k. This is a very costly repair (~$3k) and is apparently very common. Other than that, things have been great.
Multitude of problems just keep on coming with no end in sight
I have the hybrid and it has done great for my wife and I since we bought it used in March. We drove up to Edmonton from Seattle and had to deal with several snow storms and over a foot of snow while we were there and the Vue handled great.
I owen this car 2005 its the best i have ever own, I like the 2005, but sorry to say I hate the new one's , so now am looking some wear new for my next car. it's just not the same any more on you'r new car's.
Except for needing new brakes a little sooner than I thought should be necessary, this has been the most reliable car I've ever owned. The 4 wd I would not get again as the gas mileage is only 15-19 combined.61,000mi and ZERO problems!!
Very satisfied with the performance of this car since 2005
I bought the SPEC SE-R And I've got to say, I like the car alot. Wished it did a little better on gas mileage. Also I was it had a 40/60 slit to gain access to the trunk. The car has gotten me into a little bit of trouble with the law. The car just wants to go. I got to let do what it wants to do sometimes. Other than that, so far so good. Had the car for about 2 months and already had to replace the wheel bearing. Not good. The brakes are pretty responsive. Trying to shift into 5th gear sometimes is tricky. If your calm and collective shifting is easy but when you want to get on it, shifting again is tricky.