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This is my second Vibe. I needed a car to get back and forth to work. It runs great. I have no complaints about how it handles and such. I had to get the Front windows fixed (there is a free recall). Also, the fit and finish is not as nice as our 2006 Vibe. It looks like it was the first one off the assembly line. It has 110,000 miles on it, so some things, I am sure, have been abused. The hatch window does not open. All in all, a good car. Oh yea, and the car came with the roof rack complete! Apparently they saved money after 2003 and made you buy it separate.
Awesome car that just keeps on running - forever. Best gas mileage in any car I've ever owned. It passes gas stations ALWAYS! The heater blows heat in 5 minutes and you'll think you're in Egypt with pyramids and sand dunes. Engine is reliable, little to no maintenance with regular oil changes since 1990. Its 09 and still have original brake parts - can't wear this thing out.
Ideal car!
i own a 93 standard trans eurovan mv.
i cant figure out why the coolant light flashes but i love my van!
I got my 1992 Ford Escort GT 4 months ago. It currently has 325,000+ miles. It sat for two years before I got it on the road and now I am having a few problems with it. The electrical seat belts no longer work (not a problem with the fuses), the interior fan does not operate on 4, but will occasionally turn on, part of my instrument panel does not light up unless i smack the dash, my shift lights don't work, and there is a rattle in the motor. The trani shifts hard and there are many leaks consisting of oil and coolant... from multiple places. Despite all of this.. I love my escort. Had a 94' escort wagon before this that got to 217,000. I'm hoping to see 400,000 with this one. ^_^
Great vehicle ,now have 175000 miles with little trouble,only slight oil leak from valve cover
Love the car! Handling, acceleration, sound, ride, all spectacular. An absolute joy to drive. My only problem is the constant attention the car gets with people wanting to taunt me into racing !! On second thought maybe that's not a problem !
Sans JAG...Love my JAG! Handles like a dream! Seats my family of 4 with no problems. Very pleased with Vehicle.
I love this truck except it is now giving me problems. I have a heater core that needs replacing, it is the roughest ride ever and always feels like it is in need of a tire balance or something. It has a sweet interior with lots of power. Gas mileage sucks but what can I do? The man and the kids and I drove to Los Angeles (from SF area) and all fit comfortably. Sweet truck for landscaping. Get back to you on the other issues.
i bought my car used 8 months ago,the only issue i had was my brake lights going out,had to replace them once and my headlight just went out all of a sudden,otherwise i have no complaints,she rides lovely on the highway for those long trips.she's the best car i ever had
This car is a LOT of fun to drive with razor sharp handling and swift acceleration. We have never had any problems with it. The Monsoon stereo sounds fantastic and the audio controls on the steering wheel is a nice touch. It's just a great cruisin' car. The car is also very good in the snow
I have been extremely impressed with my Colorado. It has run great since the day I bought it and have never had any problems. It pulls well while towing; plenty of power. It also does very well off road, even in deep mud and snow. Cruising around with a combination of city and highway driving I usually get about 18-19 mpg.
vehicle has 83000 miles and absolutely no problems. the steering is a little quick and took a while to get used to also the tilt wheel doesn't tilt low enough but they are design related.
Best highway car/truck I ever owned, great on long trips and holds road when semis whiz past. Small problems like leaky A/C (condensation) and mediocre gas mileage bring it down a notch or two.
this thing is a piece of JUNK!! i have had nothing but problems with it! the brits cannot build a good car! i dont have time in the day to list everything that is wrong with it! i would be here all day! the list of things that work. we have put more money into the stupid thing then we paid for it. i hate the POS with a passion! i would have done cash for clunker but i didnt feel like having a new car payment. overall everthing about this is bad. it is good off road and thats it! overall anyone who buys this need their head checked! DO NOT GET ONE!!! TRUST ME!!!!!!
the trany is REALLY BAD!!! this car backs up my hatered for auto tranies! its i can double clutch my other audi(100s 5 speed) and be a thoused times smoother! it only had 80,000 miles and it had to be serviced! my other audi has 292,000 and counting and i have never had anything done to the trany. the CV boot need to be replaced and the car doesnt even have 100,000. my 100s made it to 250,000 before it need a new CV boot. the over all qulaity of this car isnt as good as the 100s. audi feels like it has gotten cheap! the car is 8 years newer then the 100s and and only cost about $3,000 newer. the engine is very good though! the climate control is to confusing to use while driving. overall dont buy this car. get a later year with a better trany. or older like the 100s.(thats a great car)
i have the 1992 audi 100s. it has been a very reliable car. it has 292,000 miles on it and is still going strong! it gets 32 mgp on the highway doing 70-80 mph. it has been mostly trouble free. the starter just went out 200 miles ago. the fule pump went out about 7,000 miles ago. it handles well and the power is ok. i wouldnt call it peppy but, it does great on the highway. its quite and you wont relize you are doing 100mph. i have the 5 speed. it has a large gas tank(21.1 gal) wich is nice for road trips. i can drive 700 highway miles on a tank. it is still on the original clutch. it still shifts very smoothly. the car does well in the snow for a front wheel drive. it does need studded tires though. the only thing i dont like about this car is it is very hard to work on yourself. espically anything to do with the engine. ohh and it doesnt have cup holders. overall this car has been a great car since the day i got it new. i know that she will go to 400,000 miles easy.
Duramax Diesel and Allison Transmission. Nice shifting and easy to service spin on filter for Allison transmission, there is an internal filter but if you stay on the little ones you may not ever have to change it. Engine trouble when injector wire harness started to wear. Had to replace #2 and #7 wiring harness as truck was in limp mode (max 20Km/hr) due to bad connectors on injectors. Very common problem with these engines! A roadside repair was made possible by searching the problem on the internet (blackberry) and using a small screwdriver. Made it home and had to pay $400 for the new connectors which are really worth $20 at most. Had the issue fixed in an hour with some soldering and insulating of wires. May be covered by warranty if you talk to the service guy right and in a confident manner. If not don't pay them the $900 for this repair as any crack addict on his worst day can fix this problem. Fuel Pressure regulator causing an engine surge be sure to replace with the FPR from a 2006 or later to avoid continuing surge. Expensive fix can be left with no harm to engine, just annoying surge. Stanadyne diesel additive seems to calm it some but a band aid approach. Water pump went a few weeks ago another expensive fix as it is hidden away from any normal person trying to get at it replace with the top quality pump at your parts store or risk paying the $600 again. Pitman and Idler arm poorly designed and often replaced to keep front end in good condition. Truck rides nice with good power on Highway and in 4X4. Don't like the positioning of the 4x4 switches as they are easily activated inadvertently. Just had to have the output shaft seal on the transfer case changed seems they go often and/or not installed properly, keep an eye out on your to make sure it stays dry if you have recently had it serviced. Seems 50% of mechanics have got this task down and the others not so much. Decent fuel economy for this truck when all the wiring is done. One tank about 700KM. Never leave home though without a cheap computer scanner to turn off engine light and that small screwdriver but I guess that could be said for all of todays vehicles.
The gas engine is reliable with regular use of injector cleaner. I am writing though about the 6.5L Turbo Diesel Engine. If you don't already know stay way from this one. The block is weak as well as the crankshaft. I have been through two engines in less than 250000 km's and that is with constant babying. If yours goes look to replace with a titan 6.5 L, a beefed up version that has upgrades to strengthen the bad areas. 6.5 L problems range from the injector pump itself to the little black box on the injector pump (you'll know it's bad when you stall out often and are able to restart a few minutes later to only have it happen again). The stalling problem can be cured by moving the PMD (the little black box) to a cool area of the vehicle i.e behind the front bumper. I'd keep a PMd in the glove box for fun though. Be very careful that the pulley and harmonic balancer are in new condition. They are located on the main shaft at the front of the vehicle under the fan. If they are in bad condition you will damage your engine immediately. I lost my crankshaft two weeks ago because the rubber on the balancer gave way without the slightest warning, Instant engine death. The starters on the 6.5L are not reliable be prepared to change one every 18 months and every 12 months with the glow plugs. Chevy's Pitman and Idler arms are poorly designed on these units. May as well keep one of each in the glove compartment because you'll be changing these often to keep the front end in good condition. If you can keep it running the ride is nice like a luxury car. Make sure to service the ATF fluid and filter once a year to keep the transmission in good condition.
I have been a Mercedes Benz Owner since The Early 196'0 And I can not Fault The Quality of The Mercedes, This is the first Mercedes SL 500 Convertable, that I now own, amongst 2 other Mercs which I currently own, I Find The SL 500 lots of fun to Drive, and highly recommend the Vehicle to any-one who belives in SAFE PRESTIGE MOTORING.
It is a Great Car/ Performs when you require it to perform, It is also a Great Looking Vehicle.
Once you own one I strongly Believe that you will never Look Back, EVEN PRINCESS DIANA of the United Kingdom owned This Same Model .if its fit for a Princess I believe it tells many stories..
Many of T.V. Personalties and Movie Stars have also owned one of These Models.
I would not part with mine for All the Money or Replace it with A Imitation Japenese Vehicle, and State that it is one of The SAFEST ROADSTERS in the Market.
Kind Regards
We purchased our 2004 PT Cruiser GT new and it now has 36000 miles. The car is well maintained and we have had no problems. We bought it on impulse and we love it. It's the first "cheap" car we had for years and see no reason to buy an expensive car again.

Good points:

Great looking!
Accelerates like crazy thanks to the turbo!
Hauls more stuff than cars much bigger.
Easy to climb in and out of.
Fun to drive!
Good quality!

Not so good points:

Poor gas mileage for a small car (also requires premium)
Poor turning radius (can turn my 3/4 ton pick-up in less space).
Gas tank too small (200 miles on a tank)
Not a great car.
I LOVE my only two complaints are:
1) lack of space inside - going from an SUV to the Prius takes some getting used to, there isn't much storage (trunk) space, and
2) the "ugly" would be so easy to make it look a little sportier, rather than spacey looking.

As for everyone's irritation at the beeper in cousin (also a Prius owner) found somewhere online that gave directions for disabling the annoying OSHA dump truck beeper sound....I'm not sure how we did it, but I haven't had the sound going since my 2008 Prius was about 2 months old. Makes for much saner driving!! :)
I have had three of the late model Impala SS's and will keep one as a collector now.
buy the car at 89,000 currently has 111,000 still running great. currently having ABS Master Cylinder.
The body is excellent, keep oil changes, right gas,. Engine sounds smooth, to problem when starts in the winter...Rides like a brand new car...Love the My baby.
I love this car. It is expensive on maintence, but its it worthy it. I have got my oil changed every 3,000 - 6,000 miles, then upgrade my oil to high mileage once I hit 100K miles. I have got my tires rotated every 6K - 8K miles. I have had to replace all my fluids twice. I had my timing belt changed at about 75K, and I am now in need of a timing belt again at 138K. I keep up all maintence on my Kia and it is still running at 138K. I am hoping to keep this car on the road for as long as I can. So I will keep you updated.
Seats can be uncomfortable for drives longer than 30-40 minutes. I have the 4x4 and suspension is loose, nauseating for passengers - though I have no problems with it. The display under the rear view mirror went out, but all in all, a very good and reliable truck. A good beater that doesn't quit!
I love this car! I've had a recent year Lincoln Town Car and Lexus E series, and this car is superior to both in performance, fit and finish. Avalon performs, rides and looks "luxury." Its ride is smooth, quiet at any speed, and handling is deft. While Avalon is not a sports model by any mean, its acceleration and handling can make it entertaining.

Avalon's exterior has a pleasing, distinguished, and conservative appearance, though we've lately noted increasing numbers of other brand copy-cat look alike's. The interior is very roomy and airy, well-fitted and appointed. Controls are easy to comprehend and manipulate, Both heating and air conditioning work well throughout the interior..

Acceleration is quick, and there is ample power (V-6) left to easily pass while cruising at high speed. After one full year, my suburban gas mileage is averaging 21 mpg and long distance highway 30 mpg. Expense has been nominal; no repairs or re-adjustments have been necessary, aside from regular oil changes and mileage-based maintenance visits. (I chose synthetic oil and change it about every 3,500 miles to help ensure higher miles / longer car life.)

There was a recent recall of some 3.8 million Lexus and Toyotas, including this model year, for a design flaw of the driver's carpet mat for reported jamming over the accelerator pedal, though this driver has not experienced the problem.

We initially checked for used cars and had a great deal of difficulty with locating them. There were few ads and we heard the same from local dealers we checked; drivers keep them. (We eventually bought new.)
had not problems with this ca except the sun roof and the window regulator, but you cant expect too much from a 15 year old car.