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pretty good car,but hard on gas.
2006 Envoy just clipped 70k. Love this truck & will drive it as long as it last. Fuel gauge failed while under warranty. Just had to replace front right wheel bearing that was most likely from my driving. Two dealers had a price difference of $200, so I just ordered one online and replaced myself, easier than changing brakes and saved myself a bundle of cash. I love this truck. The one thing GM got right was there truck lineup.
Bought my 1999 in 2009 for $5,500 with only 23k miles! It's been a great car for the money. I'm doing repairs myself which include servicing the window switch, plugs and wires. Serpentine belt. Had a problem with water collecting in 2 of the plug wells which turned out to be a recognized problem. The fix is to add a Barns leak pellet to the cooling system. That could be a major problem down the road? I don't know. That's why I'm giving just 3 stars for the engine. Other than that, the engine has been reliable. Had some vibration noise which turned out to be the head light assemblies vibrating. Put some rubber around the edges. Quieted down significantly. Changed trans fluid and filter at 30k and the trans continues to be trouble free. I like the car.
Recently had to have my crank shaft sensor replaced. The car would cut off while driving it. Finally took it to a Kia dealership and they found the problem. However, this is a time consuming repair. They had to take out the engine and while they were there they replaced some belts. The crank chaft sensor was covered by the warranty but I still paid with new belts, etc around $700 including labor.
This is the most expensive repair I've paid for and I've had the car for at least 2 years. I did have to have the gas tank replaced last year. It was rotted and was leaking gas.
Not sure if I would buy another Kia.
Why did they stop making these? Stupid, Stupid , Stupid!!! The Best Minivan on the road. If I couls I would buy up old ones and refurbish them. They were a real work horse. I would get one now and put an EcoBoost in it!!! I really loved this vehicle need to bring em back! Mine was given to me by a church member he thought the head gaskets were blown but they weren't and a transmission, it sat for 4 years and I tuned it up and added fluid. It ran like it was new. His wife saw it at church and could not believe it, before they got rid of it she hated it but seeing it on the road she just looks and smiles. The Ac could use a boost. My sister had a Chevy Astro, I could out tow that thing any day of the week. I used to pull a 19 1/2 SeaRay with it until somebody stole my boat. Aerostar nothing better, oh I paut Lincoln Tc Wheels on it. I got some crazy looks but it still looked good.
When I first saw this body style I HATED IT!!! It eventually grew on me, but then I drove One it was a 92 . I said these things might be alright. After owning a 81,85 and 88 TC's I grew to like it more. My 85 and 88 were wrecked and I traded my 81 trying to please a woman. My 96 Tc is a dream to drive I found it in a junk yard guy said it looked like an old persons car he let it go for 600 back in 05. I have put about 50,000 miles on it since then. Up and down the east coast to Fl. and Ohio a few times it has been very dependable. Had a blow out once and the tread ripped my wiring harness out and i did some serious splicing on the side of the road. Just wish the engine had more power.
I love my no frills 2000 Ranger. Just shy of 100K miles,nothing beats it for dependability. I travel for my job almost exclusively by air so this is my airport utility truck. It's always great to see it there in the parking lot after a long trip! Terrific to have for light hauling. At times I'm the most popular guy in the neighborhood as I loan it frequently to friends. Every man should have a truck and my little no frills Ranger is my third (and favorite) one. It's terrific. Bought it used 4 years ago and $0 have gone to repairs.
Until now, every car I've owned has been a Chevrolet and the need for repairs were usually based on the car's usage. When I purchased this Mercedes, I was riding the train to work 5 days a week and only driving the car to and from the station which was 4 minutes from my house. Twice a year, after owning the car for 2 years, the car needs repairs. I really expected more for the money but this has been a huge disappointment and I would not dare to recommend this car to anyone.
I bought a 2001 with 6 miles on it ( she now has 149000! ), and have been 90% thrilled and 10% pissed. Everything with this SUV is fine, great even- except for really one thing: paint issues. The fiberglass hood is corroding, which is weird, and Ford knows about the problem but wont fix it, even under warranty. So Im not happy with those prcks for that, but otherwise she is a great truck! I will run her till she drops, and may get another one, if I gt past there poor customer response.
jeep will not start no power to the coil will roll over fine was always hard to start now it won't start at all please help
I have over 190k miles on this car and I really like it still. The only problems are that the ext. paint has spotty oxidation (sort of) that keeps getting worse and the cloth seats wore through sooner than I expected. In 10/96, I was having intermittant problems with it starting and had the battery, starter and battery terminals changed. It was wet weather that Oct, and now, all of a sudden after a big rainstorm, it again died and wouldn't start. Otherwise, it's a zippy little car and living in the mtns, I find it fun to drive the mtn roads. It handles well and hugs the road.
1998 Mercury Mystique

Fuse Box ... NO GOOD!
I had it rewired, replaced and worked on numerous times and my car still cuts off on me while driving from the starter relay connection in the fuse box, on the freeway!
My brake rotars has grooves in it as if someone dragged their fingers through sand. i had the a/c condensor replaced and the car itself poked a whole in it and released all the new freon in it. My fuel pump went out and i just had it replaced, and the steering is bad, never has been in an accident.
you can tell i love my 95 tahoe hence the name tahoejoe lol. bought mine used with 50k. now at 152k she is still going strong. no major problems. drove her from georgia to california with no problems. the body is great. its big and roomy. i feel safe when i'm driving her. the greatest product to leave GM's vault. love it.
bought this car for the wife brand new with 1 mile on it. now at 92,000 the only thing i've done is 2 batteries, brakes, plugs, cam positioning sensor, and 02 sensor. i,m a techician so i do all the work myself. I love this car. really good car.
We purchased are Bimmer in 2007 with 87,500 mls on it. A year later I replaced the alternator and the radiator. We went on one trip in it to Tampa, Fl and it handled superb. Overall we are happy with our 540i.
Except for some minor repair problems which are associated with normal wear and tear of usage, this is a fine automobilr. We love it and are happy that we purchased it in 2007.
Excellent machine I love it.
I own the 3.8 L, which has good power and great breaking, suspension and road handling. The big problem with this car is that the alternator is not powerful enough for everything electrical in the car (mine's loaded), so it fails every 18 - 24 months. Car's compact, sleek profile makes for cramped engine compartment, so the usual problem with most cars of access for maintenance is not on the light side of averages here, and headroom is inadequate for a person over 6'1" tall, but seats are comfortable, for long trips too, even if lower back problems abound. Fuel economy is NOT at or above the revised 19 overall, more like 17. I get 18-19 on trips, cruising at 75, about 14-15 city. Got screwed out of the Clunkers deal by the wrong number assigned for this car's 19 overall mpg.
Owned since Nov. 2005, only problem was a wheel speed sensor. Great gas mileage, 36mpg on highway. Took on 800 mi. trip, comfort level was good. Would have to recommend this car. Too bad they named it Cavalier, as it is nothing like the predecessor at all.
I have actually had the pleasure of seeing and driving one of these trucks with more than 300k miles on it.
I would have to rate it an excellent truck because of how well it still performs and drives.
Toyota could have made the cams direct gear drive and put hydraulic auto adjust valves in the unit which would have made it much more maintenance free. Standard glass headlights would have been a nice option as well and would have offered more options in improving visibility in bad weather conditions.
Truck is much more solid and much more rust free than its Tacoma sibling.
This unit is stable under load and handles well in adverse conditions. Ride is athletic and response is stout and sure.
Good truck with lots of torque and perky power. Will not win the indy 500 but when you are hauling things, you have to be careful and easy.
Easy to work on and straight forward. Lots of upgrade parts from newer years are backwards compatible to make this vehicle more capable. Use alternators from 98 to 02 Toyota trucks for more amps.
I give this one 4 out of 5. F-150 gets 2 out of 5 and chevy-dodge is not even on the map. Too many problems.
We bought our 2006 last year from CarMax with 11,000 miles on it.
I have had several Mustangs over my 64 years and this one is at the top! The GT is great!! 5 speed manual transmission and 26.5 mph on regular and you do not even know you're already going 85mph.
Only problem we have is with the CD player which seems to skip. Ford has not been able to fix the problem even after replacing with a re-manufactured unit and then a "new" unit.
My wife drives the GT mostly and although the car's real potential is wasted on her, I make up for it when I get to drive...
Great Car!!
Bought new in July 2005, currently has 62,000 miles. Apart from oil changes, still on original tires (which need replacing), rear left passenger window and rear windshield wiper no longer worker. Oh, and the CD palyer has been jammed for 6 months. Electrics are clearly not this car's strong points. Other than that, love this car...
I bought this car new in 02. It only has 60,000 km on it. I've had ongoing problems with brakes, rotors. The power steering pump went in it in Jan 09, then the rack went in it in Feb 09. I replaced the water pump today. now there's a squeaking noise coming from the front end.
Amazing Car!
toe arm broke on rear axle at 97,500
struts replaced at 117,500
harmonic balancer broke at 117,700 - should have totalled the car if I hadn't pulled over immediately

has been a good car but those were NOT cheap repairs
My truck has been very dependable and versatile, whether taking my family of six on a 2000 mile road trip or hauling loads of sheetrock and yard debris. Trim seems to hold together, except the color coating on my dashboard is peeling off -- revealing its true color, black. Paint has stayed true. Suspension handles well on and off road. It's a nice tough truck.
I have owned this vehicle (V6) since 2002 and very happy with it.
We have driven our 96 RL 142,000 mi. And Love the car but we have had to repair the transmission 3 times. Because of something shearing in the differential area which I understand was a recall issue in the past. Shame that it can't be more dependable ! Can't decide to replace the tranny with a used one and try again ?
I love this car (I have had 2 previous Prius's
The only conpaint I have is the body seems to be made from the lightest and cheapest material Toyota could find. By even looking at the car, you seem to get a dent !! Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?
I would recommend this car to anyone that wants a fun and gas sipper for a car.
I bought the XR-7 built to my specifications brand new. It has given me good service over the past 16 years. My annual costs for fuel and maintenance were about $6,000/year until this year. Time finally caught up to the vehicle and I had to have the transmission overhauled at something over 131,000 miles. The odometer died at 131,501 and can't be replaced according to the FMC folks. The remote and alarm functions of the security system bit the dust, but the rest of the system appears to work okay. There have been no major problems over the years and I have been quite happy with my car. Too bad the Ford Motor Company (FMC) no longer makes cars like this and no one else seems to make them at the right price either.